I love my fellow bloggers and yes I do read and like the post but…..

I LOVE being able to have such a variety of fellow bloggers and we can all have so many different things to share! I have just so many things we can share about. Animals, panic, anxiety, loss of a child, parenting, life in general and poetry and so much more! I read so many and I take turns to get to them all as I can BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM. I read a fellow blogger who said they will like and then it goes away and I also have this problem! Some go through and I HOPE stick and some do not stay at all! It bothers me because I want my fellow bloggers to know I love their stuff and I do read and like it but this makes it appear that I do not. So, I am just letting you all know thank you for reading and liking my stuff and I hope you can see where I read and like yours too!


Why is it still so damn hard? …..

It has been 12 years today since you left us. I thought this year was going to be easier that before years because I had not been crying as much but I woke in tears this morning. Just that quick. But it is what it is. I guess my philosophy on it is that it is the life of a parent who has lost a child or children and I have lost two. But it is just weird how some years I got through with laughter, most with tears but still I would thing ok all the blessings I DO have and that she never suffered and that she is probably happier now. But like one guy said the other day, “When people say God needed another angel, that is great until yours is taken.” Just a tough day I guess. Love to all of us who have lost our children.

Life as we knew it…..

Life as our family knew it is gone but not the memories. We have lost our daughter, a son and a nephew at 13 to cancer. But we still have the memories and the love. We still have the photos that it has only been recently that we can look and actually smile at just how wonderful they were. Their laughs, their joy, their silliness and their life. Life as we knew it will never be the same but love as we knew it is still as strong as the day they left.

Parenting and adulthood ……….

I still think of my youngest daughter as my baby. Even though she is grown, after the loss of her sister and brother years before I often find myself forgetting she is grown now and her own person. Of course, yes, I do know. I do not ACTUALLY forget but I just go back in time and think of when she was young. It takes becoming a mom and then watching your child grow up to realize why we never see them as grown.

My sister got chickens…. I am in love. lol

I am not into chickens. Normally. I just never really had much of an interest in them. Until my sister got these three little chickens she calls silkies. OMGOSH! I fell in love with them. With my dogs, I can never have them BUT I love seeing hers. I went on a spree finding them little houses and toys and cloths. They are so adorable. Then she bought a different kind of baby chickens and now I love the chicken world! I am now a chicken little Auntie! 🙂

So I have started woodworking….

I have started using cut wood and a wood burning kit to make several designs and play around with it to see how I like it and I love it. It is not only fun, it keeps my anxiety at bay, it is challenging and it turns out so pretty! I am now deciding what to wood carve, what kind of images and if I should paint them or leave as they are. But either way, a new adventure, new art.