For now the waters are calming , a little anyway….

So, I am taking today to try and read some blogs if I can from as many of you as I can. Things have calmed just a bit in the roaring Sea of my life here lately, but I have to say it has taken some fighting on my part to get there. As in Calming things to help me stand strong. It is hard but not impossible. so today, I hope reading some of your treasures helps even more! Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

This is my refuge….

When I need to take a breath. when I need a chance to recover, here is my refuge. No judgment, no hate, just a place to write my heart feelings. to read yours and see your beautiful photographs and laugh at the funny things provided for us. my escape from the World is here in this Journey. So thankful. I may just go read and look at your things for a while. Take a breath in my refuge.

I am fighting back… I am on this train of exercise to beat the ones trying to destroy my very being…Because I AM a fighter….

The situations keep throwing blows at my Psyche. But I am a fighter. So, with every blow comes Prayer, meditation, yoga and workouts. The tears may be flowing but so is the sweat of focusing my mind on better things. I may be at war, but I am fighting back with all that I have. Take away what I love but it will come back to me. I believe that. I believe if we hang on during these times, it will make us STRONGER. So, if you are having my struggles, fight on. through the tears, the laughter, the struggle, carry on. we can do this! have a great day/evening wherever you are! 🙂

My two weeks of anxiety ridden trials…. Coped with ten tons of Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, and anything else I could turn my mind to…hahahaha…

I have been on anxiety overload these last two weeks. Yikes. It has been like one thing after another, so I probably looked like a maniac trying to hustle whatever thing I could do to override it. I sure felt it, but I guess I stayed so busy doing that, I was able to keep the anxiety down a bit. SOOO, maybe now I can get back on here and back to a better level of sanity. Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

Life is a Jungle……

Love this Life we live but it sure can be a Jungle sometimes. I guess that is why it is Life. It would be boring without twist and turns and cutting through the thick foliage to ramble in it. lol. I have to say the last few weeks have held a lot of odd times and tons of anxiety. Everything from situations that pop out of nowhere to getting lots of side writing done (that was a bonus to a situation that gave me extra time). And I am back on here to share my Quirky life. Quirky but never boring. I hope everyone is great wherever you are! have a blessed evening/day depending on your location.


It is hard to be honest with someone. It is hard to look a person in the face and say, “You hurt me. You make me feel sad. You were cruel or mean. You avoid me and then act like you didn’t know I called or tried to reach out”. Being honest does often win you friends. It can be done in love but your chances of keeping that person on “your” team drop drastically. Be prepared.

However, as long as you are looking into your own “spiritual” mirror, and seeing your own faults and flaws, it is okay to be honest. Too many times today we hide behind an “unseen” curtain that we feel protects us because we feel by being “honest” we might upset someone. The truth is, you might actually help someone.

None of us see ourselves as we truly are. We see ourselves in a much better light that what we actually are. That does not mean we are “bad” people, only that we need to really look at a world around us that has covered itself in an “unseen” curtain. As long as we all smile and play nice, the world is good.

But, in reality, we are living a false life. What better friend is the friend who is truly open and honest and tells the ones they love how they feel. Has it ever made me mad or upset when someone came to me in true honesty and not just lashing at me because I made them mad? Sure, it hurt or made me mad but I thought it over and the times I WAS wrong, I was honest enough to go back and say, “I am sorry. you were right”. Did I want to? Not really but that is part of removing that “unseen curtain”.

In a world of fake smiles, fake friends, and fake people, we need honesty back. It is what made the human part of us, human.

My life is interesting and crazy!

I guess we have quirks in all of our lives but between trying to save every stray in my 50 mile vicinity, anxiety, stress, and just plain God has enabled me to get through the many things that should have ziness, I just try to enjoy the great days and the happy days and the good things and the things I enjoy! So, I just wondered if anyone else has such craziness. Either way, I love my crazy but interesting life.