Fairies & Mermaids &drawing,,, Oh my!

Still having fun drawing and painting and writing and yes, making fairies & mermaids. I am trying to stay focused as I try and stem the flow of anxiety issues. I have also YES started back with yoga and Tai-Chi. So, I am trying to be productive as I go along. I just want to share with fellow bloggers who share their journey with me!


A beautiful 6th generation zinnia.

I said the pic of my marigolds was 7th generation but it was last year so 6th. This year will be seven. These are the zinnias from last year. some are full bloom and some are not.

While I still have internet… Thanks! For reading my crazy life story!

I looked back and my post are all over about everything! From the loss of my daughter to family to anxiety and panic to well almost anything. Thanks so much for hanging with me and reading them as I also tried to read all of yours in sections. I just read a different 10 or so each day or more when I have time each from a different writer. It really, really means a lot! Trying to make this quick in case internet doesn’t hold up with hotspot since I am on computers not phones. It does okay but slow and then skips out for about ten minutes or so. Long enough to lose writing.

Omgosh..This is getting crazy! NOW….

They are building houses in my sub and they keep hitting the cable line even though they marked it off. I am having to rely on hot spot just to be able to get on for bits of time because I am afraid I will go over. we have called and called but they said they get it fixed and then a line gets nabbed again. Getting so agitated. UGH! Rant for the day!

The little dog……………..

Buddy. The little dog
13 years old and still little and I love him.
He is a friend
a loyal dog who is by my side at all times when I am home
He is sweet
gets scared of everything
A ray of sunshine in my life.
He is one of the greatest pet gifts ever given to me.
He is The little dog that loves.