Why so I have trouble sleeping every full moon?…………………..

I have no idea why but EVERY full moon and the night before I just cannot get to sleep. I do not even know if this is normal but I know it is agitating! I just wonder if anyone else has this issue? Not a long post but I am just curious because it is so weird!

Lift our hands in Love…. We need each other…We need to be united by love…..

Not by color. Not by economics. Not by status. Not by anything. we need to join hands across this Nation and we need to stand tall and comfort, talk, argue, discuss, act like a family that disputes each other and then forgives because the love runs deep. Our love for Our great Nation has made us ONE family. Whether we agree or not on everything, we don’t have to. But hatred will only create more hatred. Someone once told me most anger comes from pain. Well, let us heal the pain but not with violence and hatred but with love and respect. Because the greatest thing you can ever give is love.

I long to see us all joined together…. In a Unity of love….

White, Black, Cops, nurses, Janitors, writers, homemakers, dog sitters, Photographers and I could go on and on but we are all the same. The ones of us who want a better world. The ones who want to feel the love flowing from one to another. To accept each other no matter who we are, what we do, no matter our color, no matter our profession. America, united, hand in hand. In. Love. That is what I long to see. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers.

I am just sad at the America we have right now……….

Black vs. white. white vs. white. people vs. cops. We are all being divided. I cannot grasp this. There are injustices in all areas of life. I hate the killing of ANY innocent person, whether it be a black, white, any of heritage, officer, bystander, or babies. I am appalled at how so many innocent people have been during riots and looting. Have a riot if you want to vent but do it by yelling if you need to get it out. But to desecrate statues, graves of soldiers who fought for ALL of us, steal because it what? accomplishes nothing except you stole what belongs to someone else. No solution there. What we need is UNITY UNITY UNITY as ALL people as one. We can change things but how is killing an innocent person or a good cop filling up the need for change? I just do not understand why we cannot form a bond of love for our fellow man and come together to make change. For ALL of us. I hope we can before our lives all fall apart.

Time never erases you …. from my Heart…

No matter how much time goes by, nothing will ever erase you from my heart. I think of you everyday and I keep your special place in my heart where it has always been. I am glad though that you are not here during all of these things going on. It would have bothered you so much. Of course I would always bring you back if I could but I just know how much it would hurt you. you were all about the Love. But I just wanted you to know that no matter what. You are always in my heart. Time may keep going on but my love for you never stops. Sara Nicolle. Time she left this earth, 2007.

Anxiety doesn’t make me a Victim OR Weak……..

Today I was told that I am acting like a Victim because I have anxiety and I am weak. NO. Actually, I neither a Victim nor Weak. Quite the opposite. I am a fighter! I fight everyday to battle my mind. I fight everyday to let the joy shine through over a Condition I didn’t ask for. I am NOT a victim or weak if I ask for someone to shoot me a text or call. I think that is just human compassion. I am not a victim or weak because I have a moment where I cannot be there to help this person with what they want at the moment. I just need a bit to get back on track. So, NO! I am NOT what you say just because you are looking for a bag to punch! I am a Survivor and I am a Fighter. So, if someone tells you these remember, it takes a lot to live with condition but we do and we are NOT weak or a VICTIM.

Life is filled with enough lows so let’s come together and bring some Light….

As anyone who reads my blogs knows by now I struggle with anxiety, some past abuse and on and on. But I do try. I try to use the gifts I have to make other lives better if I can. I know how it feels to be ignored so I try and pay attention. I know how it feels to be shunned so I try to be kind to someone who is shunned for whatever reason. I am by no means perfect but I have been there and it hurts. The loneliness is painful, the anxiety is scary and the ability to see through people is often depressing. But the good that has come out of it has given one underdog the desire to fight for or be there for the other underdogs in the World. Because I want them all to know that, in reality, we are actually champions if we come out with a good heart that wants to reach out. I have my bad days and times when I am not the best person but to me the key word is, I try. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers! 🙂

Learning to live with Anxiety….. And doing it to train my mind to where it was….

I won’t lie. It is a battle like the battle I fought when I lost children. But I KNOW that before this started five or so years ago I had ALWAYS had a strong mind, I was very into Physical fitness and I was never faced with this ugly demon even though life had been beautiful but tough. But I know if I keep hanging on, I can do it although I almost wrote the other day to blog about the frustration when hit with another blow but I wanted to keep trying to maintain my mental strength. So I continue on and I will win the battle but the road might just be very rocky and scary. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

I am becoming stronger…. Mentally & More…. A challenge Accepted…

I have challenged myself during this time to try and make my mind build strength again as I battled the Anxiety and more. I fight and fought it. And to my delight, it is a slow walk but I am becoming stronger. mentally and Physically and more. Yes, I am still battling Anxiety but I know it could have been much worse. Each day I find myself just a spoon full stronger but every little spoonful adds up. I walk now more, I am eating better, I am challenging my mind. I do Yoga, Yardwork, Devotional time, prayer, meditation and ANYTHING to keep my mind busy and I even play Brain games. NO, I do not do all of it everyday but I do some of it everyday. I accepted the challenge Thank god, so far, I am winning. Thanks to all of you who support me and keep me hanging in there and encourage me. You are a huge part of this battle! have a great day/night fellow bloggers/writers. Team US!

When or if Life becomes normal again……

I will appreciate the ability to go where I want
I will be happy to go see family and not complain about how long it takes.
I will be thankful for the time it gave me to write on here and share life with all of you. Of course, I still intend to but it gave me extra time in the day to do it.
I will be thankful for the good things that have come from it…
Fresher air, less cell phone time when we can or do get together, playing board games, just going to restaurants to eat and just things I took for granted.
I will appreciate the wonder of Nature outside of my door.
Taking photos wherever I want again.
I appreciate so much that I had forgotten to see and take the time to notice.