What kind of day is this?? Photo day…

here is my photo, another for the day….


This is my cat. Doing …Nothing…

My cat Twilight was a rescue that wandered up to my house a couple of years ago, way too young to be pregnant but she was. a small thing but I took care of her and she made it through. After her babies were grown, she decided she wanted to live outside again. So, I let her. she chases butterflies, dragon flies, lizards, chipmunks and just anything she can run after.
Sooooo, I always try to get her picture because it is so cute. Well, this is what I get from the pictures. Nothing. hahahahahaha. As SOON as she sees me break out the phone or camera, she falls to the ground and just becomes still. She just stares at me like nope. not going to happen. and of course. It doesn’t. Put them away and I go inside and come out to see her playing and then she sees me. And stops. so I thought I would share a pic of my very active cat. Doing nothing. 🙂

Dumb Dog….A Cat’s Life.

I have tried to lead by example but he just does not get it. Every day he grovels and jumps and wags his tail so they pet him and talk to him and coddle him. So stupid. Be like me. I just lounge on the couch by the window and THEY come to me. I beg for nothing.
You beg for food, treats and everything else when I have tried to show you all you have to do is just be lazy. You still get fed, you still get treats and you have to do NOTHING! But no, you still do the same thing every day. Every. Single. Day. I tolerate you because I guess you just cannot help it. you are just dumb. I guess the likes of you will never learn. But I hope. Maybe one day, you will learn from my highly keen mind and relax and it all comes to us and all we have to do is be here. I am sorry dog. But you are pathetic. Sincerely, your fellow live in companion, The Cat.

While I exercise, my animals decide to become one with my workout.

My aloof cats always decide when I exercise to become one with my hair, my legs, my mat my face, my feet. I mean, I find myself in a tangle trying to twist and turn while juggling paws that are slapping at me or attacking the mat. They are so crazy. And yoga? Omgosh! That is like trying to battle wild tigers. They come behind me and attack my hair, jump on my back, step in front of my ipad and sit there, staring at me. Is there an exercise program for cats? hahahahahaahha

My cats are in need of therapy or they just do not tolerate humanity. …… Not sure which.

My cats are like no other I have ever had. I think they are mixed with bobcat. I found the mommy (now named Twilight since she is black with a touch of white)when she was pregnant. She was so young I brought her in when it came close to having her kittens and she did fine. She had two sets of twins. Two black and two striped. We named them Trooper, Scout, Pixie and Midnight. My husband built a catio where they can actually come in and out of the heat.
It has been a bit since my cat passed and this many at once is new to me. Well, they are a few months old now, mom has been fixed and we are working on these. But Scout and Trooper hunt me like a wildcat. They sneak up behind me and pounce on my back. They can actually climb a wall halfway. They wait until night and then all four prowl outdoors and inside and they make the loudest noises. I think they are people jumping up the stairs.
The other two, Pixie and Midnight love to play and be petted. So do Scout and Trooper unless it is hunting time. I think they are actually stalking me. Did I mention they like to wait until I am crossing the room and then knock into my legs almost tripping me. They watch the news. yes. The news. I laugh but there are those times, well, I just don’t know if maybe my cats are aliens.

I guess my cat will carry her kittens a full 9 months. hahaha

When my cat got preggo, I looked it up. It said 2 to 2 and a half months. Well, they must mean once they get fat. It seems like it has already been three months and she is still holding. lol. We think everyday, she will have them today but nope. Still no kitties so I have concluded she is going to carry them nine months like women do.
Just a little share for the day! Maybe tonight. Just maybe. lol.