The innocence of children and kittens…

when kids are young and still in the throes of innocence, they do not know to define color or status and they play and love each other. Before they are taught differently, they do not do anything but accept. They just know love until life or situations change them. I have noticed recently the same with kittens. Although the situation is different as when cats get older it is just normal to get territorial, as kittens they are accepting. I recently had two mom cats dumped off. They had their kittens on different sides of the house and for the first eight weeks, they never even saw each other. Then, the last  couple of days, they have found each other. They do not understand yet that they are different. They play together, they do shoo the others off. I just found that fascinating. And beautiful.

The Tiny Hunter….. Kittens are such a joy!….

I watch this little one as she stalks and pounces on bugs, or at least at them. It is so funny because she thinks I cannot see her. She is a little hunter. Then when I feel a bit down, I will go out in the evenings and just watch her. She pounces around, runs at full speed after something and then just stops. She enters into a little fenced area I have, looking around to see if anything sees her and then goes in to stalk the cricket that I guess she heard. The Cricket got away. Well everything she stalks gets away. Kittens are such a joy and bring a smile to me in days that can be depressing. I look forward to watching my tiny little Hunter.

My cat is a Demon…. I am 100% convinced……

Her name is Pixie Dust. Solid black. Loves to be petted until you pet her and then she attacks. she bites me, scratches me and destroys my office. Shas chewed through my speakers, my pencil sharpener charger, my diffuser charger and she throws things and I mean throws things off of my shelves. Pixie takes her solid water bowls (I have switched four different ones) and she turns them over. The picture here is of her trying to jump up onto the top of the 55 gallon tank. (She did by the way).She then removes the rocks I put at the bottom to keep her from over turning them and I wake to water all over in the mornings. she is a mass of destruction. My hand is currently bleeding where she bit me as I petted her. Did she get advice from the neighbor dog on how to terrorize? hahahaha. I LOVE her dearly but my gosh, this cat is mean. Well, just a bit of humor for us today to try and ease the anxiety. But yes, the cat is real and she does do all of these things. I think the dog Lucifer is her brother from another mother. lol

This cat is driving me crazy and she is on a mission……

Okay. So my cat had to be separated from the other large cat (both have been fixed) but the larger cat, Scout decided he hates Pixie Dust (the one taunting me) so I had to put her in my home office. Oh my Gosh! This cat is a mass of destruction. I know cats are notorious for pushing thinks over but she dances on my keyboard, bites me when I do not pet her enough which is every second I am in here trying to work. She has crashed all of my things off the shelves.
She also enjoys for pleasure chewing any paper I have out and shreds it for me to clean. I put it all up so she has decided to go on new ventures and destroy my canvas and beads (also my art storing area). So now her newest quest is trying to chew through my paint tubes and make my pens turn into liquid drips. I cannot put her out of the room Or Scout goes after her. Soooooo, I am now moving anything other than the essentials to another room with a closet. I guess the 400 treats, toys and other things just do not appeal. I even put a cardboard box in here. she hates it. But I love her. Even if she jumped on the back of my office chair five minutes ago and threw her claws into my scalp. I guess she wants me as crazy as she is..

The ever Curious Cat….

This cat just loves to check out everything! It is so very funny to watch him. He came from a stray mom and ended up staying. He will not let me pet him but he will gladly take the food and get near me. He is so fun to watch. he leaps in the air trying to catch butterflies and just anything he can leap up for. He runs trails through the grass when he chases a lizard. I named him Argon. The curious cat.

My dogs are big babies, my cats are destroyers and my parakeets keep having babies. I have my own farm with domesticated animals……

My older pup, Buddy, is my constant indoor companion. My two outside shepherds, too big to live inside but well equipped with outdoor housing and shade and an abundance of toys are big babies. They love mommy and daddy and we can play for tow or more hours a day and walk them and they still want more attention even though they have almost an acre of free roaming space and each other. My cats are like mini monsters. They love to break, destroy, tear apart and well, actually just turn anything that is within reach into a shred of nothing. And then there are my sweet parakeets. They had two babies to my total shock and surprise that grew and came out of the nesting box. Well, now two weeks later mama bird is back in box so I assume more babies are coming. If nothing else, my animals fill me with love and daily surprises! have a great day fellow bloggers!

A Cat day… daytime stalker.

This is Petrov. He, unlike my other cat who freezes when and stops when I do anything trying to get his pic, doesn’t care. So, today, once again trying to capture Twilight, I got Petrov instead. Stalking his prey, a Monarch, (No, he did not win) but he came close although I would have stopped him because I love butterflies. But he never catches them. They are just too fast . I wanted to share the pic I took of my daytime stalker. Have a great day!

Cats are crazy but sooo awesome to watch…

I have a cat that I mentioned in an earlier blog that stops still when I try to get pics of him being active. Then I have these two stray kittens that came up and kind of just moved in outside. They do let me pet them but they make me laugh because they play and play and play, jumping high into the air to catch butterflies ( they do not catch) and jumping and stalking blades of grass. For such aloof creatures they are funny and amazing to watch.