My Dog Buddy 2……………….

I have written about my little pal Buddy before. 14 this year and he is a mix between Pom/Pap. I love him and I think he is probably the best dog as far as kindness I have ever had. he does not bite, attack or even bother anyone. Just pet, love and treats. However, as he gets older he developed a skin allergy. So, after trying everything that friends and Vets suggested someone told me to use a Listerine mix.
So, I figured it couldn’t hurt. You mix equal parts of yellow Listerine and water, like a cup of each and two teaspoons of oil. For me, I used liquid coconut oil. Well, I have been trying it for a few days and wanted to share that I am already seeing results! So, for any of you who have dogs with skin allergies, it may just work! I sure hope so. So far, so good!

Abortion…….Yes or no……

This is a touchy subject, yean but I am going to touch it because that is who I am. Do I believe in abortion? NO, I do not. I have mixed feelings in an area where a woman finds her life is in danger. I would hope it would be a decision where she could say no but what if she had other kids? That is a choice so hard, I do feel only she could make it. Abortion just because you do not practice safe sex? no I do not.

However, now that New York is saying up until the time of birth, that makes me ticked off. IF you carry a baby UP to the time of birth, then why not let one of the many, many couples who want to adopt, do that? You cannot say because you do not want to ruin your body because that has already been done when you carry full term. To most women they are scars of beauty. But I do not and cannot understand the killing of a baby that is full term and tome, yes, that is murder.

That being said, we are all entitled to our opinions and this is mine.

How is Life treating YOU today?

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and if it is a bad day, I hope it gets better. If it is a sad day, I hope someone is there for you. Regardless of what kind of day you are having, I hope somehow it turns out good! I hope someone, something or somehow a ray of brightness comes along and makes it just really good or comforting if you need that!

The beautiful Bitter Bite of Winter

I love snow but I hate the extreme cold of winter. Fall is my fave time of the year as far as weather but Spring has my heart on the beautiful blooms. Winter is my love/hate season. I love snow though we rarely get it here in Georgia but we get the bitter bite of the cold. Some beauty, some pain, just winter but it is good and it is bad.