Every Person has a gift…. Use yours today to bring a smile…

In this chaotic World right now we all nedd to be joined together by heart. we all have a gift. Maybe you make people feel welcome or you bring life to gatherings because you keep people laughing. Maybe you are that frontline worker who brings joy to someone’s sad or bad day. You might be the person at the checkout line who helps someone struggling to get something done. maybe you are the one who runs to the rescue when a call comes that someone needs help whether it might be mental, spiritual or Physical. Maybe you just happen to make the best soup around and someone gets comfort from your delicious offering. It could be anything at all. But whatever it is, maybe use it today to help a lot of someone’s or just one someone who needs you. I am going to do it if I can today. Let’s spread some heart love each day around this World! Have a great day/ evening wherever you may be!

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…You never know , so wear them all!….

Yeah, I talk about it a lot but here in Ga. you just never know. lol. Sooo, like yesterday, forecast said cold. Of course i know what that means so i packed up a t-shirt, shoes, cool pants and headed out in a sweater, jacket, boots and warm pants. But because I know this Weather, I was able by midday when it hit the hight sixties to change into the cooler clothes. And best of all when it got to excessive cold last night I was able to change back. gotta love it. at least we got some colored leavesat my house this year so there is that.

I love my animals…. But……lol…

I have cats and dogs. No, not a ton but I think my outside cats are mad at me. I switched their soft food and obviously they do not like it. They eat dry and soft but now when I go out, they run in front of me, trip me and then wait until I move over and dash in front of me so I trip again. lol. The little brats are mad. lol. I love them but maybe they are telling me I better switch back. for my own health, I better.

I need to arrange my Office …..

You know since you blog and some of us do art as well among other things. I mean where do i start? How did I get so much stuff and yet I use half of it. I have Journals, book material I am writing on, all kinds of a variety of things I either have written looking to publish or tons and I mean tons of art stuff. I get so overwhelmed form the stuff that i am so thankful I have what I need but I cannot get mind uncluttered to fix it up. Soooo, my goal now is try and read a ton of your post today and also fix this room so I enjoy it and have the tranquility to want to write more and make more art! have a great day/ev

Listening. To Silence…..

I was doing more self therapy and I read about just having a few minutes of silence everyday. So, of course I am going to try it. Lol. Silly me. This is going to take some work. Have you ever tried to just rest in silence? This thing is hard because I overthink anyway. Regardless, here I was, in bed, focusing on the sound a fan to block out any other noise and just be. I did it for a lonnnng three minutes. I mean. I tried. My mind was all over The place just trying to be silent. This is obviously going to be a bit of a challenge. Lol. Listening to Silence and shutting it all out might be the best challenge in a bit. Have a great day/evening wherever you are fellow bloggers!