My Empath/ Discernment level has been quiet… Of course I am not really around people……

Well I am not sure if it is all of the praying, yoga, tai-chi, meditation or lack of people. Maybe all of the above but my empath ability is on low gear. I think probably not being around people because the others are for my Anxiety and Panic. But, either way, I am like on a no feel zone with others in ways to gauge what they are feeling. However, it sure has helped me in the anxiety department. Oh well, just thought I would share that!

Yeah. Life is real over here and being an Empath can be difficult when Anxiety is its best friend…….

I have realized that my anxiety is best buddies with my Empath/ Discernment ability. Sooooo, on top of the anxiety I have a few people who are playing in my mind and yes, it is getting to me. I know, I need to blank them out but right now I cannot and it is an emotional drain on my stressed brain. So I am just trying to use ANY form of ANYTHING to divert my mind from them. This gift is a blessing and in some ways, a hard blessing. So today to all my fellow struggling Empaths, if you are having my kind of day or week, you are NOT alone. OMGOSH. 🙂 Have a great day/evening fellow bloggers!

Wow! We think we have ANOTHER baby Parakeet maybe more….

As some of you know we were shocked last year to discover our parakeets had two babies and I followed with pics. Well, this morning, we heard that familiar little tweet tweet AGAIN! I am so shocked! I figured those two were an oddity and it would never happen again since many on here had said that was unusual. The other two of course are grown now, still living here and so this is exciting and I wanted to share! have a good day/night to all! This picture is from the first two. I have not opened the box yet because they sound tiny.