There’s a new Dog in Town……..

I know many of you have heard of Lucifer, our tiny Neighborhood terror. All 6 or 7 lbs. of him if he even weighs that. A Chihuahua. But he may have some competition. A new home was recently finished and then. I heard it. Barking. That small dog bark that is ferocious. hahaha. Lucifer (just what I called him because he terrorized us at the thought of a bite from those tiny sharp vampire fangs). Welllll, now there is a new dog in town and I am anxious to see how he squares up against our neighborhood terror. I am not worried about either getting hurt. Little L’s owner is absolutely crazy about her little Demon so no worries there. lol. I just wonder how this new dog in town is going to square up against Lucifer. lol. I guess we will see. have a great day/evening wherever you are!

The approaching Holidays seem like the days are non-stop go! lol…

I am glad to have so much to do and look forward to but as these Holidays approach, I find I rarely have time to write or do Art because it is go go go. I have had time to get some Photo shoots in and I love them ! It is just a hectic time of year but I had to take a minute to at least come here and give a shout out hey to our WP tribe! So have a great day/evening wherever you are! maybe it will calm some today so I can get some writing in! 🙂

The face behind Anxiety……..

For those of us with Anxiety, we often hide behind a smile or just try to seem as normal as possible while in my mind, at least, I have a thousand thoughts churning, I am on edge more often than not and I do many many things to try and fix it or at least bring the boil to a simmer. People usually see Anxiety only when it is at its worst or decides to pop its demon head from out of nowhere. SO many people tell me I wish I could understand it and help you but I just do not get it. I understand why they might not. I don’t get it myself what caused this stupid mental thing to come along. I know all the actual reasons they give but it is a battle to try and beat. I will say that. Just try if you know someone who has Anxiety today to maybe look past the odd behavior or the silence or maybe the tears. sometimes, just a touch of someone’s hand can bring comfort. Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

Welcome to Georgia… The State of any Season…… You never know what is coming….Lol…

Georgia has a lot of beauty and many things to do. This place offers a variety of all cultures as well as a variety of all kinds of People. But the one thing I find most confusing is the Weather. you. just. never. know. One day it is Summer but by evening it can drop to 20, 30 40 degrees and who knows? Or you get two days at 75 or 80 degrees with a breezy 60ish temp. at night. So we have to dress accordingly here. Do not bother putting away Sumer, Winter or Spring clothes (Fall temps are rare and about two days so no worries there). because you never know what you will need. Maybe that is why the closets in many homes here are so big. We have to keep all types of clothes and sweaters and coats on standby. lol. This is probably one State when you visit that a woman truly needs those three suitcases for a few days. 🙂 Anyway, just my Morning thoughts as I sit here at my desk, dressed warmly until around 2:00 when it will be in the 70’s. 🙂 Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

Using less time on Fakebook…. AKA Facebook……

I joined fb to try and connect with family from out of State. But the longer I have been on the more it has become fakebook. People will post in different ways what they won’t to say to your face but there it is behind a screen. It has become the new “norm” instead of Physical interaction. Now they use their “fact checkers” and I had four things deleted due to false post and they were recipes. But the biggest thing for me is just how fake people are on it. Especially if you know them. So, since it is causing me more anxiety than joy I think it is time for a break for a least a while. If nothing else a cut back. Like a drug, it hooks you and then one day you realize it has stolen a lot of your life.

The hard journey of anxiety….

It is a tough battle but it is a battle that can be won on many days. I have anxiety and although I do have to fight it the re are some days I win and I actually beat it. I try anything I can find from breathing to just telling my mind that it is okay. It is not as bad as I am thinking. My newest thing has been asking myself questions and answering them back. Sounds a little looney but it works many times. Like, for example: Is this something that is going to hurt you? No. Is this truly something to stress over? no. Then I make myself explain why. It may even be crazy but it is working for me on many days so far. Not all but it is a start! have a great day/evening wherever you are! 🙂

The Human Touch…..

Sometimes in the midst of all of our moments of hurt, anger, or just life in general, it is nice to feel the touch of another Human. I used to hate to be touched during high stress or hurt and still do not like it when I am angry but I did find that just the touch of another Human is often calming. Whether it is holding their hand, fingers touching, a hug or just a simple caress it soothes me. I think in a World filled with less and less Human connection due to so many ways to reach out electronically, it is almost like a lost art. I am trying to get it back. Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

My cat plays fetch…. yeah, the cat… I never knew.

Of course we all know cats love to chase things. paper balls, yarn, whatever. But I have never had a cat play fetch with me. Until now. I was playing with my cat Emerald a couple of weeks ago and wadded up a sticky note into a ball. I threw it and she went and got it and then brought it back to me. I was thinking it was a lark or something but then she did it again and again. we did this for like 30 or more minutes. Now it has become a regular. just like a dog, she gets it and places it in my palm to throw again! The amazing World of animals. Have a great day /evening wherever you are!

Beauty Among the Thorns….

So much beauty if we just look ……everywhere around us. Children laughing, animals playing and seeing nothing but their innocent joy of just having humans around and being petted.

Cast away the thorns from the entanglement and see the shining Sun and the beautiful joy in life. Laugh, cry, embellish, be kind, look for joy and find it. Trying to take my anxiety and form it into positive thoughts. learning to train my brain to avoid the darkness that sometimes tries to smother my joy. I am looking. seeking and best of all….I am finding. So grateful. I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day/evening/night wherever you are!

Morning has Broken…. The Day is Beautiful if you search for Diamonds among the Stones…

I love that song that starts with Morning has broken and I do not even know who sings it but just the opening words are refreshment to my Soul. I went back last week for an unexpected second trip to Florida which is totally out of sync for me. But this time I had Soul reflections. I listened from a Balcony to the Symphony of waves and birds and just reflected. I was in the middle of this and I was praying and just being in the moment. It was then I realized that I had lost so much of me in the challenge to try and save others. But I realized that sometimes you are sucked dry from trying to save someone who will not change you lose parts of yourself. I found me again. really found me. The girl who used to walk that same beach at night every Summer. The dreamer, the believer the one who thought there was only good in the World. I still believe there is so much good in the World but also you have to be careful not to get absorbed and caught into the net of bad. I came back more like the dreamer and now I realize I have to love but I also have to capture my own dreams and believe again. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.