The Empath Mind……..

In this time of seclusions, changes and upturning World, the Empath mind is in a whirpool of Emotions. Or for me. It seems that the time I AM around others now is almost on super hype. Like they are sending thoughts into my brain. If you are not an Empath you will think I am crazy but if you are you will understand. It seems to have heightened my sense of reading people and at times just people I see on the street. It is crazy but I am letting much of it go to keep my sanity. Beware! the emotional vampires are on the rise as well as the thoughts that will make you feel like you are in overload. Shout out to my fellow Empaths. We are okay but probably struggling!

Well It has been a beautiful day…. Until the 65 pound black Shepherd escaped…lol..

OMGOSH! I went outside and I see the black flash of my husband’s Shepherd running. Oh great. This dog, Raven,  is beautiful, smart, a Master Escape Artist from a large Privacy fence. She turns on the outside faucet even though she gets fresh iced water and she has a pool and she has every toy known to man. She destroys them. So, anyway, I finally wrangle her (he, the hubby, is gone of course) into letting me get the leash on her but then she wrangles out of the collar. I finally get THAT back on and I am trying to pull a huge dog in so I can get her into the back. Needless to say. she had torn another portion of the fence out. And to say the least, my back hurts, I tore the tips off of two of my fingernails and she is fine now. I am ready to fall into bed. She is a true, smart escape artist who is like the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. lol

Hello everybody…… May we all have a beautiful day…….

I hope today, whether it was your day earlier or your day now had or have a beautiful day. I hope today is filled with joy, love, beautiful things and just happiness. We all need some of that right now in this chaotic strange Virus world. I have been going out of quarantine slowly and I feel somewhat out of place. Some are wearing mask, some are not, I am trying to be careful and social distance but I have also missed human interaction. we were designed to be around other people and not just facetime or whatever. But either way, I hope for all of us, it is just simply a beautiful day!

We ALL matter…….. To me…..

I believe ALL lives matter because it is not about a race or a heritage. It is about living, breathing humans. It is about mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. It is about the drug addict, the alcoholic, those suffering form mental issues, those who are fine. Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Store employees, Servers. the point is, to me, it is about us ALL! Because we all belong to someone’s love. And if there is someone no one cares about, then if we see that we should show love. Because to me. ALL . LIVES. MATTER.

My standby friend…. Yoga…

I have been using my friend Yoga quite a bit the last couple of weeks. I have worked over what I usually do in my routines. I have sweated, cried, relaxed. Then of course my Prayer and meditation as well. But Yoga is what I go to when I need some extra peace and calming. I pray, meditate and then I use all of the gifts given us to help to get through and enjoy the blessings I have. I do feel blessed and I feel cursed by this panic and anxiety. I know I am controlling it very well at times and then other times I just get lost in it. But I got through with a little help from my friend and my prayers. Have a great day/night to you all wherever you are!

Even Lucifer (the dog) has a bit of Empathy…. wow…

I wrote recently about the loss of my beloved little Buddy, the Pomeranian/Papillion mix. After 14 years his heart just finally gave out. It had been enlarged on one part for a bit. So, walking in the early morning, I saw him. Lucifer the Chihuahua. At first we stared off but I guess he sensed my sadness. So, instead of charging at me, he turned with his mom and looked back once before trying to kill a blade of grass and a dried up leaf. I just stood there for a moment. I realized even little old Lucifer can have compassion. even if just for a moment.

WordPress and why I love it here…..

I can come and share with some of the best bloggers in the World. I can express what I think, feel and like or do not like and we all stand in acceptance of each other, even when we may not agree. I love to be able to be myself and share my innermost feelings, my life in Society and just anything that helps to love, live, appreciate and enjoy. I share my heart when I am down about the loss of children, depression, anxiety, yoga, well you get it. Here. I can be me.

Today is reading day…. Hope I can get a good bit of them in…

Sometimes I take a couple of days at a time to try and read as many of your blogs as I can since you so kindly read mine. I actually read a few everyday but some days I am not home or I just get lost in my World. Lol. So, today is a reading day where I know I will find some awesome blogs! Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to send out some Virtual hugs today…

It has been some tough times here recently and I wanted to send out some virtual hugs to fellow bloggers who may have been having it a bit tough too. It has affected my writing, my thoughts, my anxiety, etc. So, I just wanted to send those out today and say Hi to fellow bloggers! So glad to have a place to come and be me! 🙂

I am…. who I am…..

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realized I have spent the last few years often criticized or ‘helped’ by telling me all the things I do or say wrong. It never mattered that I was ready to help anyone who called my ‘honesty’ was too much, my way of saying things was too ‘blunt’ and the list has gone on and on. Today, I realized that no, I just am who I am. Outspoken, loyal, standing up for what I believe in, blunt and at times I am sure, just like everyone prone to have bad moments and days I am just not great to been around. But for once I realize my good outweighs the bad. I may be all the things that were said but my heart is kind and loving. So, take it or leave, I think I like me just the way, I am and who I was designed to be.