I need my Yoga last night and it delivered… I love it…..

last night was just full of tense moments and just a really odd day. Worries, concerns, angry family because it is beautiful to be able to get to know each other again but it can be hard at times when personalities clash. lol. But, I just went to the driveway, sat on the coolish air and practiced some Yoga. I was so tense when I started but after about 15 minutes, I was feeling so much better! I am glad to have these blessings of how to calm myself and try to keep positive thoughts going. I was much better and said a prayer of thanks. Hi to all of my fellow writers and bloggers! Have a great one.

Empath Life in a chaotic time….

This is hard. Trying to not overthink, trying to avoid the toxic feelings and the pushing of others to come when you cannot. It is hard to hear the aggression of those angry because you feel it so strong. Drained mentally while trying to maintain a healthy mental strength. Looking to seek out those who want to be giving and caring in these times. I am struggling but still doing my best to keep my own mental health from breaking while trying to help others who are in panic. With anxiety myself that can be hard. But I am trying. Yoga, prayer, meditation and just trying to do the best I can. Hugs to my fellow writers and bloggers.

Anxiety, CoronaV & Prayer & Yoga……

I am trying to be calm and smile at silly funny things and be positive amid all of the things going on. I am trying to find ways to bring Joy and still face reality. But so far, no Corona as far as I know at least. I go to my bathroom and do Yoga, I pray, and I am trying to calm my very active Anxiety. God be with us all and I am thankful for everything to help in these trying times and scary times. The upside? We are clearing our air a bit. Go out and breathe some in and get a shot of Sun if you can. Our Country is trying to unite for the most part. Small but beautiful blessings.

The Anxiety of Doubt….. The Yoga and prayer and meditation that help me…

Doubt causes me so much anxiety. Because of that I try to keep doubts, fears and panic at bay. I am thankful and blessed I have Prayer, Yoga and Meditation to help keep me grounded. It works many times but there are times when I can do them all and still have to fight. But at least I can fight it and for that I am grateful. So, to my fellow endurers, do our best, try our hardest and get a smile in there with every success!

Our beautiful, crazy, zany lives!……..Thank you for giving us love, prayer, yoga, meditation and friends and family. …

Life is so beautiful so crazy and just so full of different turns everywhere we go! One day Anxiety, one day laughing, one day crying and one day pondering why things happen the way they do. But at least we can journey through it. We can walk through life, avoid things in life, calmly stand the storm or we can just cower at the overwhelming days we face. Sometimes I do it all. But I keep trying and I keep doing it because life may be crazy but it is beautiful and filled with so many things we count as blessings! Have a great day/night fellow writers & bloggers.

Anxiety….Yoga…& Life…..

Yeah. it should be that simple. Get anxiety? Do some Yoga, meditation and just relax your mind. Booma. There you go. Situation controlled. I wish. YES, I love Yoga and YES, it does have awesome effects along with mediation, prayer and other things. BUT, it is not a cure all for me and I assume it is not meant to be. Or maybe my level is so high that it takes doing it several times a day of which I cannot do. I just wonder if it is just me or is everyone else cured by doing Yoga and other techniques? I am not. I wish it did and I wish I could say it does. I even use essential oils but for me, it persist. Not as heavy sometimes, always better when I am consistent but no it does ever go away for me. However, I am STILL blessed to have it to help and my other methods. so, for that, I am grateful.

You CAN do Yoga & Meditation, be an Empath and still believe in God………..

Many people have asked me how I can do Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi and such and still believe in God. I am always stumped as to how they would think you can’t. Yes, I believe in God and I believe he gave us things like Yoga and meditation, Tai Chi and we can still believe. I can be an Empath, or as some Christians call it, having Discernment. I feel others pains, hurts, fears and anger. Yes I also pray. I believe these are gifts given to us to help along a journey that is often difficult, sad and painful but these bring us back into the Sun. I am also less judgmental, I have great compassion, I can understand the fear of Anxiety. These things help me to travel through it without going insane and to be able to find hope and strength.