Today Anxiety is trying to take a bite out of me…. Yoga, kick in please!

I am doing all of the usual you read about on here but I swear today anxiety is trying hard to kick in and I am fighting back. I did my Yoga and I have tried my breathing and other techniques but that little demon anxiety is STILL trying hard so I am just going with the flow and thinking positive thoughts and all of that. I had a hard day yesterday with Crohn’s problem which of course caused anxiety to start in. But I am hoping my friend Yoga will assist me with this problem.


Got a bit of Yoga done.. Even with Bronchitis! Anxiety caught on…

So, I stumbled myself around until I finally got the nerve to try some Yoga even though I was hacking like well, whatever hacking coughs sound like. hahahaha. BUT I was able to do some rest positions and even though I only held out five minutes I still held out ! It did help the anxiety although the steroids are trying to fight that. As usual. So my accomplishment was that I was able to do something with Yoga, even with Bronchitis!

Hello Yoga… Missing you…Anxiety knows you are not being done…..

Soooo, I am having a kidney problem soooo I cannot do my Yoga beacause it hurts bad.I can feel it already. My body is tense, My mind is not relaxing and of course Anxiety is at a bit of a high!Yes, I may gripe about it but when I cannot do it I am just like UGHHHHHH! At this point I would smile at doing downward dog! BUT, on the upside maybe it will get better quick. I sure hope sooo. Hope my fellow blogger friends have a great day!

Yoga is my friend and foe…hahaha

I love you Yoga! I love that you help me to feel calmer and more relaxed AND you tone this body right up! I love everything about you except downward dog. Downward dog hates me, hahahaha and is trying to hurt me. (Not really) that is the worst one for me but it helps so much. Why downward dog must you treat me so badly and yet help me so much? I think you might need some anger management. It is torture. (again kidding. It is hard but it is worth it) Just a funny blog about my friend and foe, sweet Yoga! Have a great day fellow bloggers!

Yoga and Anxiety…………

Well Yoga is still kicking my bootie but I am still doing it and writing and Tai Chi. I am trying to get back to the healthy as I indulge in a bowl of vanilla bean, peanut butter and caramel milkshake this A.M. I love writing and still working on my zombie book while I tackle graphics and stay uber busy if I can. That also keeps anxiety at bay. I have to say though that Yoga is so good but so hard. Downward Dog is like my enemy. hahahahahaha. That dog is tearing me up! But I will get it as my back screams when I do it. So, I just tell my body, buck up and get ready for the rollercoaster of temp pain because we feel so much better after a short bit. I also love my yoga warm ups. They really help me in the less stress level so I can write, do the art and graphics.

Yoga… A way of my Life among many.

I do Yoga. I do it to relax me, to help me get in shape to find a place where I can relax but Yoga is hard to me. I mean, I love it but it is a workout. It is not for those who think Yoga is just sitting on the floor and breathing in and out for hours. Nope. Yoga is a form of relaxing but it is also a healthy way to get back in shape but your body will feel it. My family or at least some of them used to laugh at me until I made them try it. They do NOT laugh anymore. I love Yoga, Yoga loves me but sometimes my body hates it and then thanks me later.

I Believe…….

I am now trying (I know, always trying something new but hey,lol) the thought system of just trying to believe and really believing each day is going to have something great. Something in the day that captures my attention even if it just a beautiful butterfly. Something that lets me know, hey it is okay and today is good! I know life throws us punches and recently learning more about addicts and addiction, I NEED to see the beauty in things or my anxiety will take over. so that is my new yoga thought or whatever you want to call it so fellow friends and bloggers, I hope you believe today that YOU will find something beautiful in a world sometimes filled with junk. 🙂