Fairies & Mermaids &drawing,,, Oh my!

Still having fun drawing and painting and writing and yes, making fairies & mermaids. I am trying to stay focused as I try and stem the flow of anxiety issues. I have also YES started back with yoga and Tai-Chi. So, I am trying to be productive as I go along. I just want to share with fellow bloggers who share their journey with me!


Ok. Started yoga again. It HAS been a bit…

So, I did twenty minutes of yoga. I started at beginners . I was much further along when I quit. Now I am sore at twenty minutes. But I do feel better and thanks to a fellow blogger, I have new areas to look into. I LOVE yoga and I am excited to get going again on a regular basis with it. I am also working on my Tai Chi. I hope to keep up with it and get back on the mat and working along with my Yoga coach (when I find one).

I miss yoga……..

After being a bit sick and dealing with anxiety, I had fallen off of my yoga train. Now I am ready to get back on and get going. I miss it because not only does it help me in so many ways such as relaxing, toning up my body and more, it really, really helps my anxiety. So here is to hoping I can board the Yoga train and get back on the track with it!

Yoga……. How it helps and is it hard?

I do yoga. Not as often as I like or as much as I should but I do it. It is calming, it helps you to relax but what I love is that it is also exercise. It seems so easy. At first. But it does work your muscles and at first I was like, “no way” this is getting extreme but I held on and although I am still not into the intense yoga yet, I still come out refreshed and it makes me more energetic and feeling less stressed. So if you are considering it, I would say YES do it! It is so worth it and not as easy as it seems. But it soothes your mind, gently challenges your body until your body is ready for ,example, my hardest enemy, hahahahahaha, downward dog. THAT one gets but I love it!

Yoga and anxiety…….

Does yoga help anxiety? Yes it does. and it not only calms your mind, you can also lose weight and there are just a lot of benefits to yoga. People think it is easy that have never tried it but actually yoga has used muscles I didn’t even know I had. It also stretches the body and I personally love yoga. It is NOT like I said, as easy as it looks and at first I was curious as to what benefits I could even get but it has proven to be so great! My advice? Give it a try if you want to relax your mind, tone your body, help with anxiety and so much more!