when your Empath/discernment is proven right and you feel relief… Odd but true…

So very many times we are told it is all in our heads, we are causing issues over nothing, we need to do this or that, we are thinking things that are simply not true and it can drive you almost nuts. So, on the few times when someone comes and tells you something you knew all along, it is like a sigh of relief. To know, “Hey, I wasn’t just “thinking ” things in my head or wow, it was true. So then it goes from relief to a bit of anger for being made to feel as though you are bonkers. lol. There are sharks among us but at least we can see them so that is a plus! But, anyway, just wanted to share that it is okay to go with your feelings, your discernment because there is a 98% chance you ARE right. Like honey when it is proven to be true.

What is an Empath/discerner and what is it like?…. I will give you a view of mine….

It is a beautiful road but often lonely and sometimes very discouraging. I know, for me, it is filled with a lot of work to keep my way of life from draining me mentally. Empaths/ discerners feel things others do not, we can feel pain and hurt from others or at least I can. I can “read” when people are being dishonest and then get backlash when I address it by being told so many times “it is all in my head”, maybe I should get counseling,” “I need to stop because I am the problem” and it goes on and on. I have learned and I am still learning how to live it and yet avoid emotional vampires who try and suck the energy and emotion from me. It is hard to know when others stab you verbally and yet smile to your face. You know it and sadly so do they. But they choose to make me the one who is the problem but I am who I am and I know what I know. I have to try hard to keep it from making me bitter or just a social outcast because it is painful to be honest. But. I think that with all that is going on right now, social distancing is giving me a chance to emotionally recharge and for me that is good. Have a wonderful day/evening everyone! 🙂

Empath Life in a chaotic time….

This is hard. Trying to not overthink, trying to avoid the toxic feelings and the pushing of others to come when you cannot. It is hard to hear the aggression of those angry because you feel it so strong. Drained mentally while trying to maintain a healthy mental strength. Looking to seek out those who want to be giving and caring in these times. I am struggling but still doing my best to keep my own mental health from breaking while trying to help others who are in panic. With anxiety myself that can be hard. But I am trying. Yoga, prayer, meditation and just trying to do the best I can. Hugs to my fellow writers and bloggers.

When you have to just let go of toxic people. Life is hard enough with all that is going on……………………

It is hard enough being an Empath/ discerner who lives a different life from others so your senses are a lot keener. But especially now, along with having anxiety, I am going to have to let go toxic people and emotional vampires. I cannot deal with the constant comments that it is always me causing issues and I am just causing problems and I am just this and that while I am talked about and toxic people make me their dart board. Right now I am trying to focus my mind on anything positive and happy I can. Whether it be a flower that isn’t even supposed to be blooming yet, the normal of the Psych neighborhood dog or just smiles. Beautiful radiant smiles. But I have been pushed around and still tried to make peace and one person gets another and then another gets mad. I am not a stomping ground so sadly, when we should all be united, I am finding myself having to even distance from afar which I was already trying to do physically. But I have to kick in my survival instincts. Sorry so bum but I had to get it out. Hugs to all of you!

Fellow Empaths…. stay strong!….

It is hard for us because we see life so differently but we have to stay strong. I am trying to guide my thoughts and my awareness to anything I can to take away the deep side of what we live in. A world of seeing things others do not. BUT, we can do it! We can find ways to divert this to something positive so we can our focus off of the other side. So, I hope all of you can find some way to hang on and we can all hang on together and encourage one another and let those kind hearts we have just look at the Sun right now and you know what I mean by that if you are an Empath. Let’s find some light to guide our way. Hugs!

Empaths, Introverts & Discerners United!…….

We are an odd lot to many, those of us who have these abilities. But they are God given, mind powered abilities and we embrace them. They can be hard and they can be frustrating. It can be a battle to see inside someone and have to know that things are so much more real to us and they have trouble handling or even believing that although they must know it is true. Because how else would we know?
Either way, I used to hate it so much because in a world filled with fakeness, it is can be so hard. But I have also and I am still learning to use it to find the love in people and the way to reach that love and return it. I stay mostly away now from emotional vampires who suck my very essence with their ways of trying to break me down with the constants. Those who have these abilities know what that means. So, all in all, learning to navigate the good, the bad, and the beautiful ugly of an Empath, Introvert, Discerner. Happy day/evening to all of my fellow writers and bloggers!

Our beautiful, crazy, zany lives!……..Thank you for giving us love, prayer, yoga, meditation and friends and family. …

Life is so beautiful so crazy and just so full of different turns everywhere we go! One day Anxiety, one day laughing, one day crying and one day pondering why things happen the way they do. But at least we can journey through it. We can walk through life, avoid things in life, calmly stand the storm or we can just cower at the overwhelming days we face. Sometimes I do it all. But I keep trying and I keep doing it because life may be crazy but it is beautiful and filled with so many things we count as blessings! Have a great day/night fellow writers & bloggers.