Life is a challenge…. But I am blessed…

Life can be so challenging! But I am also blessed. I battle anxiety, panic and all of those kind of things, life as an Empath or Discerner and more. But I also use Yoga, Tai, Chi, meditation, prayer and more. So they really help me. Not only to calm myself but to deal with life issues. I have days where I think I will just lose it and go insane and I have days where it just all seems to fall into place and it is great! I know it is probably just the new normal but it sure can be hard. However, I am trying this year to have a more positive approach, release toxic people and let love come my way and share love as I should. Soooo, my thought for the day! have a great one fellow bloggers!

My Yoga, Anxiety & how life being an Empath finds it useful.

Living with Panic and Anxiety and being an Empath/ Discerner is no easy task let me tell you. So, I do use Yoga as a way of releasing it. Yes, I stay on beginner level at times because my energy has been zapped so I do that and it slowly works me back up by easing the anxiety, emotional vampirism and panic. BUT, it is very hard at times. I also use my Tai-Chi to level me out as well as prayer. I find all forms help me to find a balance in the crazy world of my mind. I am blessed but I am constantly on guard. So, for those who may suffer these trials as well as me, try this as a means of escape. It really does work! Have a great day/night wherever you are1

Emotional Vampires, go away, Do NOT return another day……

They try and suck all of your inner energy, your emotions, your feelings, your joy, your love, your money, your everything! Emotional vampires will suck you so dry that there is little left for you to keep yourself whole. I do not mean people who just need someone or a friend or just a shoulder to cry on.
I mean those people who have to be the center of everything. Every conversation, every call, text, message has to be about THEM and what you can do for them. No answer is good enough, there is never a solution to their problem, they never want a resolution and they make you pay for it if you do not just listen and take misery with them. They do not want happiness. They just want to suck it from others. Beware of the Emotional Vampire!

I am relaxed. Yoga, empath on downlow, So far so good……..

well so far the last week was busy but I kept up with Yoga and it has helped keep my empath at ease even being around so many people. I did have some anxiety moments but I just mentally blocked from being able to read people. THAT is hard but it was rewarding. I needed the break from the stimulus of pain, rejection, gossip, fakeness and all that comes with it. I was able to enjoy myself and I think the Yoga helped me to be able to keep the anxiety at least on the beach and not in the raging sea area. I hope all of you had a great week also!

My Empath brain has been in over drive & so has my anxiety. So, I did some Yoga and other things as well as a lot of praying.

I had been spending a lot of time around others during the Holidays and of course my Empath wiring has been shot into over drive and so along with that, of course, came my anxiety. So I am like a nut case just going haywire and my brain is screaming at me and I am just as jumbled as this post. But, in a moment of calm, I decided to take the time to do some Yoga, some tai Chi, some prayers and some meditation. It was the best decision. It calmed my ever speeding and over thinking brain and it enabled me to be able to focus. I was able to ease the Empath burn that had me going crazy. I controlled my anxiety and well, I am good now. I still have my Empath wires humming and my anxiety is still trying to hype me up but I am keeping it at bay. I am so blessed to have things that help where once I could not control any of it. I hope my fellow bloggers who have these issues were able to get through as well! Have a wonderful evening where I am and day if you are from afar.

Empaths, Discerners & Anxiety as the Holidays near….. Do that Yoga, prayer, meditation… Stay sane..

For all of us who have these abilities and gifts and the Anxiety (not a great thing) it is time to do what bring s you peace and helps your anxiety. It seems to peak for me because it is also close to the times of my daughter’s death so it can be exhausting along with gift buying and people that seem to turn into demons or whatever but the great thing is that we have some rescue. Prayer, Yoga, Meditation or whatever helps that anxiety germ do it! It is a very stressful yet beautiful time of the year but it can also be the time for those of us who are able to really feel and read people as well as those of us who have Anxiety and Panic to really get pushed hard. So let’s be sure to get out our keep sane kits and do them even more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope we can all stay sane and remember to help those who struggle! I love my fellow bloggers and I hope today is great for you!

I did Yoga today. A long longtime with Yoga. My anxiety has forgiven me …. for the time being.

Well after my bout with Lucifer (the neighbor dog of terror) I knew I had to do Yoga. A LOT of Yoga and I did. I did Yoga for an hour. I did Tai Chi for twenty minutes. I listened to calming waves. I did my steps, my breathing, my relaxing, my twist and turns and ups and downs. I did everything my Yoga video said to do. My anxiety has forgiven me for getting slack. Now I just have to work on not being so in tune to what being an Empath does for me. Yes, life is real over here. Have a great evening from my side of the world. 🙂