Life in all of its beauty……..

Sunshine and flowers,
Storms and wind,
Children and laughter,
Old couples together and in love.
New young love and the shine it brings,
Families and joy and togetherness.
Puppies, cats, dogs and kittens,
animals of every kind that we love.
And they love us.
Nature and birds and the call of the wild.
Life, living, love, sorrow, tears
happiness, crying, laughter, hurt
pain, wishes. granted. denied.
hoping, believing, praying, running
to and through the journey….
Of Life.


Anxiety Train……………..

what a rollercoaster ride anxiety is.
It depletes you
makes you fear
you get better
then you fall again.
I work out
and then I worry
I eat better
then I crash.
Then several weeks can go by
And I am great
Then BAM! it hits
out of nowhere.
I AM doing better but I
want it to go away
So I can fully live again.

As my heart races……….

OUCH! I was just writing a short bit ago how I am staying busy to keep anxiety down and I have been doing good and them BAM! I stepped outside and my heart just felt like it was racing! I was really taken off guard because I have been doing so well.
But this is life with panic and anxiety. It can come from nowhere and when you don’t even expect it at all. It has calmed a little since I have been steadily writing but it has not completely quit racing. I guess I just have to accept it as a reality and face it head on but man can it be hard to do. But I am trying and I am doing all I can to adjust and try to keep it out of my mind. It is times like these when it comes out of no where that bother me the most.

My Dog Buddy 2……………….

I have written about my little pal Buddy before. 14 this year and he is a mix between Pom/Pap. I love him and I think he is probably the best dog as far as kindness I have ever had. he does not bite, attack or even bother anyone. Just pet, love and treats. However, as he gets older he developed a skin allergy. So, after trying everything that friends and Vets suggested someone told me to use a Listerine mix.
So, I figured it couldn’t hurt. You mix equal parts of yellow Listerine and water, like a cup of each and two teaspoons of oil. For me, I used liquid coconut oil. Well, I have been trying it for a few days and wanted to share that I am already seeing results! So, for any of you who have dogs with skin allergies, it may just work! I sure hope so. So far, so good!

Ok. Started yoga again. It HAS been a bit…

So, I did twenty minutes of yoga. I started at beginners . I was much further along when I quit. Now I am sore at twenty minutes. But I do feel better and thanks to a fellow blogger, I have new areas to look into. I LOVE yoga and I am excited to get going again on a regular basis with it. I am also working on my Tai Chi. I hope to keep up with it and get back on the mat and working along with my Yoga coach (when I find one).

Love with a person is the new “in” word for teens…

I have noticed teens around me seem to find love as the new in word. I love him! Been talking on social media for two weeks.. She is my girl, I love her… Been seeing each other around parents for a week…I am really amazed at how quick these young and older teens are just meeting and a week later, “In Love”. Some of these kids have not even met yet thanks to social media.
I wish they could understand that love is a word that carries a lot of weight. There are plenty of people, teens included who have actually fallen in love at first sight, just really felt a heart connection and they are still together. But for most, Love requires a lot of work, struggles, holding out when it is bleak and things seem impossible. I think it has become so common to say I love them that if they switch every week or every few months, they never get to learn the meaning of love and the sacrifice it takes. Just some random thoughts.