Empaths, Introverts & Discerners United!…….

We are an odd lot to many, those of us who have these abilities. But they are God given, mind powered abilities and we embrace them. They can be hard and they can be frustrating. It can be a battle to see inside someone and have to know that things are so much more real to us and they have trouble handling or even believing that although they must know it is true. Because how else would we know?
Either way, I used to hate it so much because in a world filled with fakeness, it is can be so hard. But I have also and I am still learning to use it to find the love in people and the way to reach that love and return it. I stay mostly away now from emotional vampires who suck my very essence with their ways of trying to break me down with the constants. Those who have these abilities know what that means. So, all in all, learning to navigate the good, the bad, and the beautiful ugly of an Empath, Introvert, Discerner. Happy day/evening to all of my fellow writers and bloggers!