Longing for the Beach…….

It has been too long since I felt the warm wet sand between my toes. I miss the sound of the waves as they rush on to the sand. The loud yet soothing boom of the ocean and that salty fresh smell. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets and just the over all peace that comes from the ocean. Like a siren singing her call I am drawn to this mystical place that makes me feel so calm and relaxed. Yes. i think it is time for a visit to the beautiful Ocean.

It’s been a long time…. I think I need some Florida sun ……..

I used to get my best thoughts walking on the sandy beach of Florida. I loved the warmth, a breeze at times that flowed through my hair and the lapping of waves on my feet as they sunk into the wet sand. Sometimes the ocean roars and sometimes it just sings. I have visited the beaches of California but I feel like Florida beaches hold my heart. I would really love to go and energize my mind and heart and soul so i can get back to a good writing zone. Good day/evening to all of you fellow bloggers! Write on!

Yoga….Yoga…. Goga….Goga…. Bring this Anxiety level down…..

I actually went to the Yoga room and did some Yoga to clear my mind a bit, relieve some anxiety and just to do SOMETHING to bring tranquility. I did some prayers, some meditation and I even did Tai Chi. You would think my body would be rock tight but no. I am not. Why? because once I am done hunger sets in and I am bored so I eat. Junk. Then I try to make up for it with fruit and veggies. But all in all at least I do have something to help. Or at least I think I do. My writing has been so scrambled here lately I think I need a trip to the Beach. Oh wait. they are closing most of them again. Do saltwater baths act like the Ocean? just kidding. lol

A Poem for the day I wrote & a random quote from me.

Random quote: I am proud of who I am and what I have become. The sweat and tears it took to get there and the love I found along the way.


We search all of our lives for the impossible dream.

Only to find it was there all along.

It wasn’t money, it wasn’t fame, it wasn’t popularity.

It is a smile from someone who cares,

the soft blow of a breeze or the love of a child,

the sound of ocean waves as they roll onto the white clean sand,

The song of a bird,

or just the joy of being loved.