Another Fairy because I need some magical land today. :)

Have a great day!

Anxiety, Yoga and Living the Life…

As you all know by now I am have Anxiety. Nothing new there and I love Yoga but hate the downward dog pose as it threatens to pull every muscle from my body. But I am working it and I am doing it and I am able to control it at this point which at this time of year is like fantastic! So, not to say that I won’t have an episode but I am glad to be able to at least keep it at a minimum. So I want to say that yes, Yoga is a blessing and a lot of praying and a lot of Tai Chi and a lot of meditation. I actually must look funny as I try to work (thank God from home) but my husband passes by and sees me doing it as he cocks his eyebrow because he always seems to pass by when I am in some weird Yoga or Tai chi position. But hey, Life as I know it. have a great day everyone!