Mixing reality into fantasy…. Just some fun downtime….. Part One.

I love fairies as most people know. i love fantasy and I love using design to combine the two. So today is a break from the usual to share some of how I mix reality and fantasy and also some beautiful memories together. I made some of my daughter and her niece who never got to meet . I also brought a bit of love into her sisters photos to keep the sisterly bond. Have a great day/ evening wherever you are and I hope you enjoy.

The Empath Mind……..

In this time of seclusions, changes and upturning World, the Empath mind is in a whirpool of Emotions. Or for me. It seems that the time I AM around others now is almost on super hype. Like they are sending thoughts into my brain. If you are not an Empath you will think I am crazy but if you are you will understand. It seems to have heightened my sense of reading people and at times just people I see on the street. It is crazy but I am letting much of it go to keep my sanity. Beware! the emotional vampires are on the rise as well as the thoughts that will make you feel like you are in overload. Shout out to my fellow Empaths. We are okay but probably struggling!

My standby friend…. Yoga…

I have been using my friend Yoga quite a bit the last couple of weeks. I have worked over what I usually do in my routines. I have sweated, cried, relaxed. Then of course my Prayer and meditation as well. But Yoga is what I go to when I need some extra peace and calming. I pray, meditate and then I use all of the gifts given us to help to get through and enjoy the blessings I have. I do feel blessed and I feel cursed by this panic and anxiety. I know I am controlling it very well at times and then other times I just get lost in it. But I got through with a little help from my friend and my prayers. Have a great day/night to you all wherever you are!