Fairies & Mermaids &drawing,,, Oh my!

Still having fun drawing and painting and writing and yes, making fairies & mermaids. I am trying to stay focused as I try and stem the flow of anxiety issues. I have also YES started back with yoga and Tai-Chi. So, I am trying to be productive as I go along. I just want to share with fellow bloggers who share their journey with me!

Anxiety Central has been calmer this week…… Even through stress!

It has been an ugly, stressful week. Things have been hard, chaotic and I thought a few times that the anxiety and panic attacks were coming BUT, it did not happen but once. Well, it is only Wednesday but this has been since last Friday. Even the one time it happened I was able to control it in time.
This is the kind of anxiety that usually shoots me through the roof. Non stop chaos and people trying to really push when they know I am tense. But I am so glad, that, thus far, I have been able to get through it! There is HOPE! I just wanted to share with my friends here!