Essential oils & other methods to calm for health……..

With everything going on, I find my anxiety level is hard to manage at times even with Yoga, prayer and trying to listen to Calming Nature sounds. But I have started using a couple of new essential Oils along with a formula I made to help with pain, etc. I take frankincense and a few drops of Lavender and put it in a small container with about a 1/4 of a cup of liquid Coconut oil. I rub that on my lungs, sternum and back. (It does not take much at all) and it helps to calm and relax. I combine my methods and just wanted to share with anyone who might need that tip. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers and writers!

Why people get uncomfortable around Empaths/Discerners….

They get uncomfortable because they know that we know. They know that no matter what they say, we are on target almost 100% of the time. Our feelings, our awareness, our gift enables that. Whether we feel their pain, joy, anger or whatever it is easy for us to pick up on when they are lying or trying to trick us into thinking they are being kind when, in fact, they are doing the Emotional Vampire thing and trying to wear us down by convincing us, or trying to that we are just thinking this all in our heads. Then the other Emotional vampires suck us dry with their negativity, draining us of needed energy to reboot ourselves. Because life as an Empath/ Discerner can be draining on the emotions. I have to try and dodge the ones who want to make me feel like I am crazy, or it is all in my head or I need to “talk” to someone. No, actually, I need none of that. But, you can never convince them because they will always turn the tables on you and make it out like they are great and you are “disturbed”. So, one of the lessons I am learning is to ignore it. Because I know and I am usually right when the truth comes out. Unite us fellow Empaths and Discerners! 🙂