Lucifer the dog I loathe is a welcome relief from all of this Chaos…….What? Did I really write that?…

As some of you know by now, I have a neighborhood dog I call Lucifer who is mean. Mean and super mean. A chihuahua. Yeah. that is right. A tiny bundle of pure terror. He makes animals hide, birds stop singing and people in our neighborhood run for their lives. he WILL bite you if he gets free from his leash and catches you. He WILL attack anything that he can, including leaves, grass, and well you get it. ANYTHING. I LOVE animals but I do not like Lucifer. We are arch enemies. He terrorizes me and my family. The outside cat. He seems to thrive on catching me off guard. He breaks of the cute little leashes his sweet little owner buys who, by the way, adores him and say’s he means well but he is just protective. No honey, he is just mean. lol.
However, I never thought I would ever, ever say this but I almost find joy seeing Lucifer right now because it is a normal amidst all of the Chaos right now in the world. where we do not know what to expect with all of the other things going on at least I can count on the dog. He hasn’t changed. He actually made me laugh yesterday when I looked out my window and saw his owner walking him. He was fine until he spotted the large pebble or small rock, whatever, on the sidewalk and off he goes. He attacked the demon rock and tried his best to to no avail to destroy it until his owner calmly walked up and took it from his mouth and then gave him a treat. Soooooo, thank you Lucifer for the laugh and for the fact that no matter what. You. never. change.

Lucifer (the dog) loves this weather. Because he can sneak around to frighten us…Not the real Lucifer, no one would be stupid enough to get that close for a picture….lol

Yes, we as a subdivision, live in fear of the Chihuahua you have heard me talk about before. Beloved Lucifer. (Just kidding. I cannot stand him and I LOVE animals, just not this one). He catches us off guard with his tiny self. Like, when it was raining so I walked without fear and my umbrella to check my mail. I mean, no one would come out in this weather with their dog plus most dogs hate the cold biting rain. I think anyway. Well. well. NOT Lucifer. I turn around and hear the dreaded snarling. I look and yes, there he is. Maybe furious his owner brought him out in her galoshes, raincoat and gear. Or maybe furious that he had to wear a dog raincoat. Either way he starts for me and breaks the leash from her hands. I am starting to think this may not be so accidental. Yes she is tiny but he is like 4 pounds. Come on. 4 pounds of Hell and fury but regardless. Soooo, here comes Lucifer and there I go. Running. To escape those tiny deadly fangs. I almost slip and he is gaining on me. BUT, Thank God, I make it to my door where his owner has not gotten to him and has control. Bless her heart. I cannot stand him but I guess I get a good lot of exercise with him around. soooo. lol. Life around Lucifer.

I rarely vent on news issues… But this Michael Vick thing has me furious…..

I am so tired of seeing monsters and people who do horrible things get away with it because of their money or in this case, The NFL’S desire to make billions at any cost. Bringing Michael Vick back after what he did was disgusting enough. But this Roger (I do not watch much football) whomever he is that brought him back) and now wants him honored is just as bad. People that have posted “Forgive” Good people make bad choices do not understand the mind of a monster.
This man did not just make bad choices like running a stop sign or beating up someone in anger. He KNEW what he was doing and he enjoyed it and didn’t care. Have these people seen the pictures of the tortured, strangled, beaten dead dogs? Did we all forget the photos of what torture these animals went through? Plus, look up dog fights. They use other innocent animals as bait. They say many people do it to make money because people love to see it . well they are monsters too. But Michael Vick? He didn’t NEED the money. He did it for pure pleasure. So, THAT to me is a man who KNEW exactly what he was doing and he enjoying torturing, killing, beating and savagely destroying these animals. That is me and that is what I think. I am not sorry if I offended people and I not sorry I spoke out! Sorry for the graphic pic but people should see and this was a very mild picture if that tells you anything!

Coffee by the Window……………..& Watching Lucifer from the safety of my office…

I am sipping my morning Java and looking out of my office window as Lucifer strolls down the street. I am safe. Until he learns how to break through windows. If we had a Zombie apocalypse that is one dog I would be running from and I mean fast. Okay, so he is only like a little over 3 lbs. I guess but that Chihuahua is packed full of devil. Sheer demon forces rule that dog. I am surprised his owner doesn’t have more stitches than someone having major surgery but I guess he has chosen to live in peace with her.
If I must admit, he has been somewhat good from my view this a.m. He has only chased (on a long leash) two squirrels, the neighbors cat (currently hiding in the tree right by my window)six leaves that he killed without mercy and the rain that he must have decided is the enemy as well as all of us neighbors as he is now jumping in the air at it while biting and snarling. His owner is as good as the mail service. She will walk in rain, heat, the few times we get snow. Anything for Lucifer. I think I started writing about him to ease my anxiety in hope that I would realize he has only broken off of his leash and come after me like 5 times. Not too bad. But, honestly, I wish we could be friends because I love animals but I must confess. I do not love Lucifer. lol

Lucifer is back… making his neighborhood rounds…..

Yep. Good old Lucifer, the tiny terror that plagues our neighborhood. They went on vacation so we all had a reprieve but hi there. He is home now. Again patrolling on his leash and waiting to bite our ankles or pull us down maybe like a zombie waiting for the kill. lol. This dog has no words for how mean he is. Yesterday he was chasing after the poor cat he happened to see sitting on a porch while his master/mommy was trying to reign him in. For such a small dog he sure is strong and often breaks off his leash. I wonder how much she spends on those in a year. So, haha, welcome home Lucifer (my name for him, not hers). We all look forward to more terror as you stalk us. With love (and fear and shaking hearts) we are in awe (not) that you made it back safely. In reality we hoped maybe she had found you a new home. hahaha

Lucifer (the dog) got loose today… Yep.. he broke the collar… and we all ran. hahaha

Some of you may have heard about the neighbor dog Lucifer. A Chihuahua. The picture ( I had to borrow one of the net because there is no way I am getting close to that dog) but it is close enough to show his reign of terror.
Soooo, we had a beautiful breezy day so I decided to stroll around the neighborhood. I was really enjoying the stroll and started back home when I heard it. THE BARK. Coming towards me. I see Lucifer (my name for him) in all of his 3 or 4 pound glory coming right for me. I must have looked like a maniac in my mad dash to get away from him. Running sideways and through bushes, one of which I jumped. By this time I am two houses away from my home, out of breath, terrified and about to collapse but determined. very determined. Right about the time he gains on me, aiming his little needle teeth for my ankles, I hear his owners sweet melodic voice calling her baby. It gave him enough pause for me to dash to my door and slam it in safety. A few minutes later she is knocking, minus Lucifer. She apologizes, explaining once again how harmless he really is. I was nice. I told her it was fine as I am still gasping for breath and closed my door. hahahahahaha. All things said, I LOVE animals but I hate that dog. That dog is determined to get me and half of the other neighbors who cringe when we hear him out and about. Needless to say, the squirrels were quiet, once again the birds stopped their chirping and I could have sworn I saw a leaf with a look of fright on its face. I think I may move. haha

So, let me tell you about Lucifer the dog……. Just needed a laugh…

No, his name is NOT really Lucifer. He is my neighbors dog. I LOVE all animals and animals love me but THIS dog? I swear he has to be from the pits of Hades. this dog HATES everything. he hates the sky, he hates the leaves falling, he hates squirrels, people, other animals and he even hates acorns. yes, those nut things that fall from trees and roll onto the ground. Whenever my neighbor walks that dog we all run into our houses in fear. He tries to lunge at us or any thing that exist and tear our throats out or destroy into shreds any existing thing on the ground. Leaves run at the sight of this dog. Birds quit singing. frogs make no noise. flowers wilt. trees start breaking in sheer terror. okay, I am getting a little overboard but still this dog. If a dog ever earned the name Lucifer, this one is it. and his owner? Wow. sweetest lady you will ever meet. she coddles him, pampers him, and even tries to explain his behavior. she say’s he was born that way and that he bit his mother when he got teeth because he suffers from depression. Lucifer is a 3 or 4 pound Chihuahua. lol.