I have pushed my Yoga, Prayer and meditation to the Max! ….. Sore but feels good….No pain, no Gain I guess…

I have been waiting for the Covid results that came back negative and that was great! But in the days waiting, I pushed my Yoga, meditation, and Prayer as much as I could! I thought I would fall out but I had to do it to stay sane. I did it over and over and over everyday but I am glad. It helped even if my Anxiety kept screaming “You are going to have it!” my mind was at least calmed from a Nervous break down by doing all of these things. I am so glad now that I did because it kept me on at least a base level of sanity. lol

Why so I have trouble sleeping every full moon?…………………..

I have no idea why but EVERY full moon and the night before I just cannot get to sleep. I do not even know if this is normal but I know it is agitating! I just wonder if anyone else has this issue? Not a long post but I am just curious because it is so weird!

Still waiting for results… Quarantine is weird but I have been doing it for a while… Just not this much..

I am used to being alone for long periods of no company or etc. But this quarantine of going no where and seeing no one except my husband it can drive you nuts. But I am trying to work on doing more positive things. I have done so much outside it is useless but too hot right now anyway. I have turned to trying my photography and painting again along with exercise and other things. I have started watching movies again. I went almost a year with very little interaction with the telly! Sooooo, if you are locked in, just try and find something that you never had time for before or couldn’t do because you were busy!

Yoga….Yoga…. Goga….Goga…. Bring this Anxiety level down…..

I actually went to the Yoga room and did some Yoga to clear my mind a bit, relieve some anxiety and just to do SOMETHING to bring tranquility. I did some prayers, some meditation and I even did Tai Chi. You would think my body would be rock tight but no. I am not. Why? because once I am done hunger sets in and I am bored so I eat. Junk. Then I try to make up for it with fruit and veggies. But all in all at least I do have something to help. Or at least I think I do. My writing has been so scrambled here lately I think I need a trip to the Beach. Oh wait. they are closing most of them again. Do saltwater baths act like the Ocean? just kidding. lol

Waiting for Covid -19 results…. Then I read about the swine flu that may have possible Pandemic outcome..From china…

Omgosh! I am waiting for the results from my test after my beloved flew to California and so I have to be tested to see my daughter’s baby. I am scrolling along and yep. I see it. NOW, there is a new strain of swine flu in China that could have pandemic proportions. Oh that is nice. I mean, this is getting beyond crazy. I am going to have to go out into the sweltering heat just so I can clear my mind (if the Sahara dust has cleared up enough) and try to find something funny to get my mind off of this. Even Lucifer, the dog, has not been out in days. I hope he is okay. Maybe I could throw a rock at the neighbors door (just kidding) and get her to bring him for a walk. Or maybe I should just suck it up and try to focus on something else. Quarantine is not good for me obviously. lol.

Yoga Life………………………….

This is like a guide for me on how to stay healthy, in shape, calm (not always 100% because of anxiety but it sure helps) and how to use it for the things in life that try and take me over the top. There are so many styles and methods and yes, I still struggle because some are just really hard to do. But I do love it and I love being able to lose myself in it. The music playing is calm and sometimes I use the sounds of nature when I am in the mode for that. Yoga. It is a way of life and it does work!

My Empath/ Discernment level has been quiet… Of course I am not really around people……

Well I am not sure if it is all of the praying, yoga, tai-chi, meditation or lack of people. Maybe all of the above but my empath ability is on low gear. I think probably not being around people because the others are for my Anxiety and Panic. But, either way, I am like on a no feel zone with others in ways to gauge what they are feeling. However, it sure has helped me in the anxiety department. Oh well, just thought I would share that!

The writing Blues… Is it just me???….. On the Upside though…..

I guess with everything going on right now I just have the writing blues. maybe it is my anxiety. I don’t know. But I go to write and then no matter where I look, more violence, more discord, no unity but there are a few bright spots where people are trying to stand and say we ARE all in this together but it doesn’t seem to be the majority. So, I go to write down a thought and just fell, well, sad. I just wondered if it is just my anxiety or are any other bloggers having this issue? I see a LOT of writing still going on. I read and like as much as I can. On the bright side, it has given me more time TO read your blogs, see your pictures, read about your dreams, your poetry and many other things so maybe this is not so bad after all. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

One of those 4 hour sleep nights…When the brain is in overdrive….

I just could NOT sleep. My brain was in over drive and I could not stop focusing on everything going on and then why we cannot all unite. Then my mind was on what I needed to clean. That was an hour or so. Then I was thinking about who was mad, why they were mad and how to resolve any conflicts so we could all function as a Tribe. (people I know). lol. Then I was worried about whether someone might think about the flowers I planted. They look a bit chaotic. And of course, then I would re-think some more on the dumbest stuff. Needless to say, I scored four hours. Only because I passed out. lol. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers.

I was so caught up dealing with my own issues… I overlooked others needing help…..

I have to say that I am a bit upset with myself. I deal with this damn anxiety so much that I got caught up with trying to keep people mentally at a distance so I didn’t have to discern their feelings. But then after a conversation with someone, I realized that this disorder had taken over my ability to do anything other than think of me and me and me. Anxiety and being an Empath can do that. However, when this person was telling me how they were dealing with something, I just felt this over whelming hurt and pain and how lonely they must have felt so many times and maybe even feeling they could not share because others might not understand. I want to remember from that and take from that to not get so wrapped up in my own issues that I become self-absorbed. Maybe I will help this anxiety by reaching out to try and be there for others who suffer their own issues. So, I have to say sorry to those who may have needed a moment when I was just in my own little world. If you need me, L.W. I am here! Have a great day fellow bloggers!