The Demon behind the Mask…….

He came with his handsome exterior and his charming ways
Hiding his demons and his needles and his little book of tricks.
Then he gave you his wares, bit by bit until he had you hooked.
Then you slowly changed. Your smile changed & your eyes lost their light.
You became angry and defensive and then at times you were laughing as
he laughed and smiled and told you it was fine. He brought you the needles and
drugs and drink to pull you in.
he disguised them all as a beautiful bouquet of love.
But what you could not see even though we warned you and begged you
was the horrible truth until it was too late.
You could never see the Demon behind the mask.


No. I have not forgotten you my sweet Sara. The pain is as real as if it were yesterday but I am just learning the ways to get through…….

I still miss your laugh, your smile, your way of making other people laugh and how much you enjoyed life. I wish you could be here to see your little niece grow up. I think you two would have been best buddies. I think you and your sister would be talking a lot. I think of you everyday and I look at your picture and wonder if you were still here, what would you be doing? Would you find the world too cruel or would you still find the lining behind every cloud? I don’t know. But I do know, I will never forget you nor could I . You brought a special light into my life and the little light burned away when you left leaving a part of my empty and alone. I love. you. Nikki. I. always. will. Love,
Mom. Sarah Nicolle Day you left me: Feb. 17th, 2007

Empaths and trying to juggle a normal life…..

It is really hard to be an Empath and try and juggle a normal life. It is hard when you can discern what others are feeling and thinking. When you can tell just what fakeness really is and you have to smile and pretend you know nothing. Otherwise, you can find yourself really lonely. But trying to have friends when you sense and know things is VERY hard. I have too many times called people out and I was right when they get “told on” by other people. Soooo, once again I learn to shut my mouth. But it would be nice to have other physical empath friends who understood me. I am blessed for the ones I have here though! Have a wonderful if, on the empath side, discerning day! 🙂

Today Anxiety is trying to take a bite out of me…. Yoga, kick in please!

I am doing all of the usual you read about on here but I swear today anxiety is trying hard to kick in and I am fighting back. I did my Yoga and I have tried my breathing and other techniques but that little demon anxiety is STILL trying hard so I am just going with the flow and thinking positive thoughts and all of that. I had a hard day yesterday with Crohn’s problem which of course caused anxiety to start in. But I am hoping my friend Yoga will assist me with this problem.

Anxiety and Doctors…

I have to go to the Dentist this morning. Why it or any doctor raises my level of anxiety is beyond me but it does. I am just trying to think universal positive thoughts, prayers and meditation before I go. I hate going. Something about it wires me up but on the positive note, it is just x-rays this time. Ugh! Well I will still try my best to do my breathing and stretching and get through it. Ahhhhh, anxiety you little demon! Have a wonderful day!

Empaths, Discerners, Anxiety & Yoga…

I am an empath or to some, blessed with discernment and I have severe anxiety. But I use Yoga, Positive modes of thinking, prayer and Tai Chi to help me try and keep it low. I have good days and I have really bad days. But I have to say it like walking on a swinging bridge and I never know how it is going to shift next on that ropey bridge. But I do try to stay positive. Yoga gives me toning, a peaceful tranquility and Tai Chi does the same as well as helping me to get a form of meditation. To top, that off, being an Empath makes all of this almost null when it is at its strongest. It is a battle unto its own. You have to be one to understand one. And if you are not one, try and understand those of us who are because you will have loyal, gentle, great hearted person to be friends with! Have a great evening or day, depending on where you are!

An Empath’s Day. at least mine….on this day!

Actually, it was yesterday! WOW It was such a rollercoaster day! Stress after stress. Emotional vampires and the constant draining of my emotions and I am trying to recharge. But today will be a recharge day today or so I pray and count on by using the power of positive thoughts. I hope all of my fellow empaths have a beautiful day!