Why didn’t I know? Loss of child…

You left us and it has been almost twelve years now since your wreck. Sometimes though I look at your pictures and think how did I not know the loss of your weight or that something might be off? your friends said later you would go through times of feeling sad but I never saw it and you never told me?
We talked all of the time. You lived with us. But you were always smiling and joking and made your family laugh. Maybe you just didn’t want to see me sad.
But I believe in my heart you were happy. I really do. I am just sorry you never told me you were sad. I would have helped you through it. I love you. Always. Love, mom.


I write from the heart………

I write from my heart and my most passionate times come when my heart is sad. maybe that is strange but just how it works for me. Of course at times I DO write when I have a funny thing happen or I am happy but most of the time just when I am sad. Great huh?
Today to cheer my heart a bit (It is close to when I lost my daughter so that may explain the sadness)But I may write about how funny it is that my kitten LOVES water. yeah. running water. But regardless, thank you for still reading even when my post are probably blah.

trying to write but kind of blah day.

I am trying to work on my zombie book and do some art but it has just been kind of blah of a day so far. I am not sad, depressed or ungrateful for the blessings in my life but maybe it is just artist/writer’s block. lol. I don’t know but I hope all of you have a great day and I am sure mine will clear up. Or at least I hope so!

Good health, Bad health…….

Do you ever notice how the media constantly changes the way our health can benefit from this or that? I know they get it from other sources but one year coffee is great, six months later it is harmful, eat three full meals a day, do not eat over two meals a day. Try using these spices, they will boost your health and then a few months later, these spices are bad but these are good. It just goes on and on. From our choices of meats or vegetables, coffee, tea, etc. I have just come to the conclusion that we should eat when our stomachs say we are hungry and forget what the news say’s. It is too much like being on a merry-go-round. So I say, Just eat and stop when you are full. Yeah. Have a great day!

Yoga and anxiety…….

Does yoga help anxiety? Yes it does. and it not only calms your mind, you can also lose weight and there are just a lot of benefits to yoga. People think it is easy that have never tried it but actually yoga has used muscles I didn’t even know I had. It also stretches the body and I personally love yoga. It is NOT like I said, as easy as it looks and at first I was curious as to what benefits I could even get but it has proven to be so great! My advice? Give it a try if you want to relax your mind, tone your body, help with anxiety and so much more!

Abortion…….Yes or no……

This is a touchy subject, yean but I am going to touch it because that is who I am. Do I believe in abortion? NO, I do not. I have mixed feelings in an area where a woman finds her life is in danger. I would hope it would be a decision where she could say no but what if she had other kids? That is a choice so hard, I do feel only she could make it. Abortion just because you do not practice safe sex? no I do not.

However, now that New York is saying up until the time of birth, that makes me ticked off. IF you carry a baby UP to the time of birth, then why not let one of the many, many couples who want to adopt, do that? You cannot say because you do not want to ruin your body because that has already been done when you carry full term. To most women they are scars of beauty. But I do not and cannot understand the killing of a baby that is full term and tome, yes, that is murder.

That being said, we are all entitled to our opinions and this is mine.