WordPress and why I love it here…..

I can come and share with some of the best bloggers in the World. I can express what I think, feel and like or do not like and we all stand in acceptance of each other, even when we may not agree. I love to be able to be myself and share my innermost feelings, my life in Society and just anything that helps to love, live, appreciate and enjoy. I share my heart when I am down about the loss of children, depression, anxiety, yoga, well you get it. Here. I can be me.

I started writing because of you, My angels………..

I have written for many years but never public and mostly plays, poems and stories. But when my daughter was killed and I had lost her brother at two days a couple of  years before, I was in limbo for so long and then one day, I decided to use the WordPress and see what  would happen. It started slow because it was only to try and fill a void. Then I took a break for a while. But… slowly, I came back and the World opened up. I found that I loved it. that I was writing how my heart felt and that I was able to reach out in a way to others. Now I do it as much as I can on here. It will never replace the empty spot you left in my heart BUT it has filled some of the void. I love you my angel. Thank you and thank God for a beautiful gift to be able to get away for awhile and share things with others. “IN Memory: Sara Nicolle, forever 23, Ryan, 2 days.”