yoga and Anxiety II………….

Well, I have new baby parakeets, groups I started for grief, Terrible anxiety and then there is Yoga. I have as you all know now, a Love/ Hate relationship with Yoga. The more I do it, the easier it gets and I was doing it for a long time until life happened and I couldn’t or didn’t. Whichever way you choose to look at it. BUT, I started back because it helps my anxiety. As it is going along, downward dog, my arch enemy (not really) is trying to beat me down. That, to me is one of the toughest ones. Or at least when I first started and then started back. BUT, I am getting there, pain and all. And it is great in helping anxiety. So, here we are. Have a great day everyone!


Hello Yoga… Missing you…Anxiety knows you are not being done…..

Soooo, I am having a kidney problem soooo I cannot do my Yoga beacause it hurts bad.I can feel it already. My body is tense, My mind is not relaxing and of course Anxiety is at a bit of a high!Yes, I may gripe about it but when I cannot do it I am just like UGHHHHHH! At this point I would smile at doing downward dog! BUT, on the upside maybe it will get better quick. I sure hope sooo. Hope my fellow blogger friends have a great day!

Baby Parakeet update……….

It is still blurry BUT I did manage to score a pic of the two baby keets that so far are making it! They are small and grey. The parents and blue and white on one mostly white with blue tips and the other is mostly blue with white tips. Soooo, I guess we will see if they stay this color or not. I said I would try and keep the blogger friends who wanted to know updated so here we are!

Hello Anxiety & Parakeets, my Cat, Yoga & Dog…

The parakeet update is the two babies are still growing as of now. They are so far still thriving but my camera has a flash so I cannot get it off and I am scared I will blind them so hello anxiety as I worry anxiously about whether to chance it or not so I can share with all of you. Then my cat, the “do nothing” cat when I try to get pictures is still, well doing nothing but watching does help my anxiety. And my dog, Buddy, a pom, the brother to two German shepherds, is my Anxiety helper. He tries to calm me when I get too anxious. So this is the day to share anxiety, the thriving baby keets and of course anxiety and how it affects me and how my dog Buddy helps me through it. But now I am about to go upstairs and try to get a pic of the baby keets so anxiety. Okay I took them but got worried so here is the best view I have. Anxiety. hahaha. Hello. again. 🙂 I think it is time for some Yoga!

The baby parakeets are still growing…

I finally checked the nest. There are two. I found babies that hatched but never made it so from what I read the articles said to take them out. So when I checked, I saw two that seem to be thriving and I took the little ones out that didn’t. My hub took pictures on his iPhone and now we are going to try and get them to load on my desktop. I don’t use my phone for any social media so sometimes even the cards we try won’t transfer over. BUT anyway, IF I can get them to, I will post baby parakeet pics. ! I am really excited. Not my usual type of posting but I wanted to share with my fellow friend bloggers!

This is my cat. Doing …Nothing…

My cat Twilight was a rescue that wandered up to my house a couple of years ago, way too young to be pregnant but she was. a small thing but I took care of her and she made it through. After her babies were grown, she decided she wanted to live outside again. So, I let her. she chases butterflies, dragon flies, lizards, chipmunks and just anything she can run after.
Sooooo, I always try to get her picture because it is so cute. Well, this is what I get from the pictures. Nothing. hahahahahaha. As SOON as she sees me break out the phone or camera, she falls to the ground and just becomes still. She just stares at me like nope. not going to happen. and of course. It doesn’t. Put them away and I go inside and come out to see her playing and then she sees me. And stops. so I thought I would share a pic of my very active cat. Doing nothing. 🙂