Why people get uncomfortable around Empaths/Discerners….

They get uncomfortable because they know that we know. They know that no matter what they say, we are on target almost 100% of the time. Our feelings, our awareness, our gift enables that. Whether we feel their pain, joy, anger or whatever it is easy for us to pick up on when they are lying or trying to trick us into thinking they are being kind when, in fact, they are doing the Emotional Vampire thing and trying to wear us down by convincing us, or trying to that we are just thinking this all in our heads. Then the other Emotional vampires suck us dry with their negativity, draining us of needed energy to reboot ourselves. Because life as an Empath/ Discerner can be draining on the emotions. I have to try and dodge the ones who want to make me feel like I am crazy, or it is all in my head or I need to “talk” to someone. No, actually, I need none of that. But, you can never convince them because they will always turn the tables on you and make it out like they are great and you are “disturbed”. So, one of the lessons I am learning is to ignore it. Because I know and I am usually right when the truth comes out. Unite us fellow Empaths and Discerners! 🙂

Self Isolation, How is it working for you?…. I am finding my creative side again to help with the anxiety…

I am finding myself doing things I have not done for a while. Art, outside gardening, writing on my stories, playing board games. Yeah! I have not done that in years. Trying to reconnect with family that has been in some areas drawn away from each other. Talking to family and friends on the phone or face timing. Making pictures and working on my graphics for memory photos and just for fun. So, fellow bloggers, how about you? Have you done old things into new again? Upping the Yoga, Prayer or other forms of comfort? I am . Hugs to you all!

I need my Yoga last night and it delivered… I love it…..

last night was just full of tense moments and just a really odd day. Worries, concerns, angry family because it is beautiful to be able to get to know each other again but it can be hard at times when personalities clash. lol. But, I just went to the driveway, sat on the coolish air and practiced some Yoga. I was so tense when I started but after about 15 minutes, I was feeling so much better! I am glad to have these blessings of how to calm myself and try to keep positive thoughts going. I was much better and said a prayer of thanks. Hi to all of my fellow writers and bloggers! Have a great one.

Acts of kindness in this tough time… and families and friends are getting closer by heart….

Even though we are stuck at home, I am seeing so many acts of kindness and families drawing closer. People sending food to hospitals and first responders, leaving out gifts for Postal carriers, sending food to others as well. Then I saw where some people are buying essential things for essential workers. Where families and friends are realizing how much they have missed on spending time together. So more facetime, more calls and more of whatever ways you can look at each other via Social media. It is so wonderful to know that in this tough time of life, there is good in it too!

when your Empath/discernment is proven right and you feel relief… Odd but true…

So very many times we are told it is all in our heads, we are causing issues over nothing, we need to do this or that, we are thinking things that are simply not true and it can drive you almost nuts. So, on the few times when someone comes and tells you something you knew all along, it is like a sigh of relief. To know, “Hey, I wasn’t just “thinking ” things in my head or wow, it was true. So then it goes from relief to a bit of anger for being made to feel as though you are bonkers. lol. There are sharks among us but at least we can see them so that is a plus! But, anyway, just wanted to share that it is okay to go with your feelings, your discernment because there is a 98% chance you ARE right. Like honey when it is proven to be true.

I thought of you today as I do everyday…. I see your smile in the Sun….

I always think of you. That is just a given. But today, the Sun came out and I thought of your beautiful smile and your laughter that lit up a room. You were such a beautiful soul and you always made people happy. You loved life, you loved every. single. aspect. of it. You were the Sun on a rainy day and the World is a lonelier place without you. The only good thing is that you do not have to see what is going on and live with it. This virus would have scared you so much. But you are safe my sweet child and nothing can harm you anymore. Not a virus, not bullies and your memory shines on through it all. I love. you. always. Love, Mom.

During this time of the unknown…. may we all join together and unite……

I try to avoid talking about this virus and the dangers and how scary it really is. Because we can read about it everyday and that is enough. But I wanted to look at the other side. Maybe this has given us an opportunity to get some humanity back, to clear our Earth just a little of the toxins, to learn what we can and cannot do without. To join together as a Nation and unite to become a Country that prays for others, wishes the best for all of us and hope we all get through this. United we stand and divided we fall. I hope we choose to stand. Together. 🙂