My Yoga, Anxiety & how life being an Empath finds it useful.

Living with Panic and Anxiety and being an Empath/ Discerner is no easy task let me tell you. So, I do use Yoga as a way of releasing it. Yes, I stay on beginner level at times because my energy has been zapped so I do that and it slowly works me back up by easing the anxiety, emotional vampirism and panic. BUT, it is very hard at times. I also use my Tai-Chi to level me out as well as prayer. I find all forms help me to find a balance in the crazy world of my mind. I am blessed but I am constantly on guard. So, for those who may suffer these trials as well as me, try this as a means of escape. It really does work! Have a great day/night wherever you are1

My Empath brain has been in over drive & so has my anxiety. So, I did some Yoga and other things as well as a lot of praying.

I had been spending a lot of time around others during the Holidays and of course my Empath wiring has been shot into over drive and so along with that, of course, came my anxiety. So I am like a nut case just going haywire and my brain is screaming at me and I am just as jumbled as this post. But, in a moment of calm, I decided to take the time to do some Yoga, some tai Chi, some prayers and some meditation. It was the best decision. It calmed my ever speeding and over thinking brain and it enabled me to be able to focus. I was able to ease the Empath burn that had me going crazy. I controlled my anxiety and well, I am good now. I still have my Empath wires humming and my anxiety is still trying to hype me up but I am keeping it at bay. I am so blessed to have things that help where once I could not control any of it. I hope my fellow bloggers who have these issues were able to get through as well! Have a wonderful evening where I am and day if you are from afar.

I am looking for you Christmas…I think I am finding you in unique places and ways……..

I am looking because I need you Christmas. I think I found you when I saw a little girl smiling. A tree lit with beautiful lights. A manger scene on the hill by a home. I saw you in a man giving someone food who was hungry. I feel you in the laughter of families. I saw you in snowflakes and snow falling in a video. I hear you in the music and the chiming of bells. I am looking this year more than ever because I need to have the feeling and the spirit of the joy. But this year I am looking for you in different ways by looking at the world around me. Seeing people join together and strangers smiling at each other, the kiss from a puppy, the meow of a kitten. A stray who finds a home. Homeless who find shelter. But most of all, I am looking for you in my own heart. That is where I need you the most. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Empaths, Discerners, Anxiety & Yoga…

I am an empath or to some, blessed with discernment and I have severe anxiety. But I use Yoga, Positive modes of thinking, prayer and Tai Chi to help me try and keep it low. I have good days and I have really bad days. But I have to say it like walking on a swinging bridge and I never know how it is going to shift next on that ropey bridge. But I do try to stay positive. Yoga gives me toning, a peaceful tranquility and Tai Chi does the same as well as helping me to get a form of meditation. To top, that off, being an Empath makes all of this almost null when it is at its strongest. It is a battle unto its own. You have to be one to understand one. And if you are not one, try and understand those of us who are because you will have loyal, gentle, great hearted person to be friends with! Have a great evening or day, depending on where you are!

Finding other empaths…. wonderful….

It is hard to be an empath. It is hard to make friends and keep them. It is hard to be around a world where you pick up things like others pick up items to buy. That is the type of Empath I am and there are MANY types. I am NOT weird (well maybe to people who are not Empaths) I am not a witch. I am not filled with sorcery. I am a loving, kind, hot tempered, blunt and unique individual. I do feel other’s pain, hurts, joys and deceit. I actually feel it like it is my own so I have to step back. At times, I have to walk away to my solace room and reenergize myself , yes, kind of like a rechargeable battery. I took a bold step today and told you my friends and followers, what I am. I hope you all stay and I hope you can find entertainment in some ways and in some ways understand why most Empaths rarely even acknowledge the gift they have been given. It can be a blessing and a difficult journey. But it is my journey and I am happy to see I am not alone!

Panic is doing okay, I am still making fairies and I am blessed and thankful. …

It has been really stressful but I am keeping the panic at bay. I have staying busy and I work on my fairies, exercise, write on my zombie book and do my prayer and meditations! But if I were to say I am not having anxiety at all that would be a lie but at least I am keeping it at a point where I can at most times control it! I am good with that. I have had several days of stress but I keep plugging at it and I am not having to add that extra 1/4 that I cut off but twice. So thanks for all of your support fellow bloggers and friends and I hope your days are doing great as well!

It is hardtop deal with Anxiety sometimes….

Some days are great now and some days I am just a wreck. I have never had something so hard to deal with or understand. I cannot seem to fix this no matter what I do. Yes, it is better than it was but I do prayer, yoga, meditation, stay busy and think positive. I try not to over think anymore, a challenge in itself.
I try to do ALL of the things I have read about and I ty to just “let” things go but I swear, there are still days I am like freaked out. Today both of my arms hurt. why? who freaking knows? I have cut back on a lot of things. I hate it. I hate the feeling it gives me at times. I have even become more social. Oh well, I guess for whatever reason, it is still a fight no matter what I do. But I just keep trying to get better with it. I think maybe I need therapy for my daughter and losing her but after 12 years, I thought I was coping okay with it but I don’t think I am. ANXIETY and PANIC sucks. lol