Empaths, Discernment & Introverts….

I had a massive blow up last night with my temper. Yes, I have a really quick temper but I have been trying hard to work on it. Being an Empath and an introvert I struggle. When you can discern things about others, it is VERY hard to be able, for me, at least. to be able to draw the line between honesty, trying to be fair and just not say anything. Well, I have held it in, tried to be a different person and just go with the flow BUT that isn’t who I was designed to be. So, it came to a head last night. However, in a way it was releasing. To just quit being fake. Me fake. To just be able to say what is really on my mind. I have realized I can be me but I can use a softer tone but I do not have to lie about how I feel.

Trying some Essential Oil for my anxiety….

Well, I am trying the Frankincense oil mixed with a bit of Coconut soft oil on my stomach and Lavender by my earlobe for Anxiety. I love the other Oils I have used and they do work so well. I am hoping this will help. The recipe I made from Oils for my headache has really helped. I should have used that days ago when the headache started. So best wishes on this working and if it does I will try and let my fellow anxiety fellow peeps know! 🙂

So, Coronavirus……..Fear or no Fear?….

Well, it has hit Ga. and many of our states. So, we are being told to be cautious but not worry. However, I have to wonder since we have a case in Fulton County where a man brought it from Italy, are we going to be hit next? I mean, from what I have read it can stay on a surface for hours. Soooo, if he went to Atlanta Airport, did he infect people? Did he infect people who then leave the Airport. They have it but don’t know so they in turn, infect others. What about the people on the flight? Then, Peachtree City is where many of our Pilots from the Airport live? so, I hope the Pilot was not infected. Doubtful since I believe the Pilots stay in the cabin until after everyone else is off. Anyway, just my theory or thought for the day. Have a great one everybody!

Essential Oils…… A gift from the Gardens…

I am not a real believer or I wasn’t in all of the “all natural” things you can use to get healthy and I also hate prescribed meds unless I have to take them. But then, after much prodding from a sister, I stepped into the Essential oil world a few years ago. It has been a game changer to say the least. There are so many things I have replaced even over the counter things with. I make my own pain relieving cream for back pain and body pain. I make my own for breathing and now I am trying out oils for relaxing and to help digestive. I am not saying anything is a cure all but they work as good as what I have bought over the counter and even some prescribed meds. So, just wanted to share this with all of you! Have a great one!

Why can’t I ever sell my art? ………….

I do all forms of art and I love painting, pen & Ink, Abstract, regular, I mean just all kinds. Graphic illustration where I turn people into fairies and switch pics over, pet memory graphics and everyone loves them but no one ever wants to buy them. DO any of my fellow writers, artist have any ideas? I have been on paid sites, free sites, you name it and still, nothing. Just thought I would ask. Have a great one!

You CAN do Yoga & Meditation, be an Empath and still believe in God………..

Many people have asked me how I can do Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi and such and still believe in God. I am always stumped as to how they would think you can’t. Yes, I believe in God and I believe he gave us things like Yoga and meditation, Tai Chi and we can still believe. I can be an Empath, or as some Christians call it, having Discernment. I feel others pains, hurts, fears and anger. Yes I also pray. I believe these are gifts given to us to help along a journey that is often difficult, sad and painful but these bring us back into the Sun. I am also less judgmental, I have great compassion, I can understand the fear of Anxiety. These things help me to travel through it without going insane and to be able to find hope and strength.

We don’t understand……… Copyright 2020 L.S. Rockel

you don’t understand me
I don’t understand you.
You can never see…
What I’m goin through.
I can always try
to get us above it all
But I feel like we
Are backed against a wall.
Because no matter
how much we are going through,
I don’t understand me.
You don’t understand you. Copyright 2020 L.S. Rockel