Taking my mental break after a week of chaos….

I got through. I made it. I did it. Such a chaotic week BUT I was blessed and got through it and even had a bit of fun in there with a cute little sprite and family. So, now I am coming off the adrenaline needed (pure not a drug adrenaline) from the fight or flight and a moment of light headedness like I used to get BUT I just hope that is all there is and that it is okay. 🙂
But the good thing is that a few months ago even, I would have been having daily panic or anxiety melt downs. So, hoping this means the road is getting better on my journey. I sure would love that!

Art and graphic day! Help the Anxiety! Again….:)

I had so much anxiety this past weekend that I just immersed myself in my art and graphics. I love doing them until I can do no more. It helps many times with my anxiety though not always but I am going to do some more today. For those of us who have anxiety try painting watercolors or those books or just paint. It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or not, just paints lines, blotches, whatever! I suggested watercolor because it allows the paint to spread out and use calming colors. Well, my tip for the day! off to work!

Yoga……. How it helps and is it hard?

I do yoga. Not as often as I like or as much as I should but I do it. It is calming, it helps you to relax but what I love is that it is also exercise. It seems so easy. At first. But it does work your muscles and at first I was like, “no way” this is getting extreme but I held on and although I am still not into the intense yoga yet, I still come out refreshed and it makes me more energetic and feeling less stressed. So if you are considering it, I would say YES do it! It is so worth it and not as easy as it seems. But it soothes your mind, gently challenges your body until your body is ready for ,example, my hardest enemy, hahahahahaha, downward dog. THAT one gets but I love it!

A beautiful day…………..

The sweet singing of birds, Children laughing, people smiling.
Butterflies dancing on the flowers, Bees flitting about.
A card or note sent to say I love you, a hug when needed.
ladybugs with their beautiful colors and flowers that color our world.
A baby that smiles for the first time, your child say’s their first word.
Your significant other brings you flowers, you give them the gift they have been wanting and you both smile.
The sound of falling rain, the shaking of thunder.
The world is full of so many beautiful things. We just have to look and take in a breath.