I have pushed my Yoga, Prayer and meditation to the Max! ….. Sore but feels good….No pain, no Gain I guess…

I have been waiting for the Covid results that came back negative and that was great! But in the days waiting, I pushed my Yoga, meditation, and Prayer as much as I could! I thought I would fall out but I had to do it to stay sane. I did it over and over and over everyday but I am glad. It helped even if my Anxiety kept screaming “You are going to have it!” my mind was at least calmed from a Nervous break down by doing all of these things. I am so glad now that I did because it kept me on at least a base level of sanity. lol

The Tiny Hunter….. Kittens are such a joy!….

I watch this little one as she stalks and pounces on bugs, or at least at them. It is so funny because she thinks I cannot see her. She is a little hunter. Then when I feel a bit down, I will go out in the evenings and just watch her. She pounces around, runs at full speed after something and then just stops. She enters into a little fenced area I have, looking around to see if anything sees her and then goes in to stalk the cricket that I guess she heard. The Cricket got away. Well everything she stalks gets away. Kittens are such a joy and bring a smile to me in days that can be depressing. I look forward to watching my tiny little Hunter.

Lift our hands in Love…. We need each other…We need to be united by love…..

Not by color. Not by economics. Not by status. Not by anything. we need to join hands across this Nation and we need to stand tall and comfort, talk, argue, discuss, act like a family that disputes each other and then forgives because the love runs deep. Our love for Our great Nation has made us ONE family. Whether we agree or not on everything, we don’t have to. But hatred will only create more hatred. Someone once told me most anger comes from pain. Well, let us heal the pain but not with violence and hatred but with love and respect. Because the greatest thing you can ever give is love.

Anxiety & Empath/ Discernment is so crazy!………………………………

I just wrote on how the Empath feelings are a low right now and BOOM anxiety hits! Soooo, needless to say, that kicked in and then I starting getting vibes from text and calls and that sent it into overdrive. Of course the anxiety didn’t help because it pushed into high gear all of the stuff that comes with it. And dreams last night about my daughter so I called my other daughter and she is over the top on everything she has going on so we were not able to help each other much. but we tried. So now I am like, is it discernment or the feelings of true Empath feelings or anxiety? Whew, on a rollercoaster now and it doesn’t feel great. My mind is all over the place. lol. funny but not funny. some of you will get that. Hopefully, none of you will think I am nuts.

A beautiful, Sunny, Hot Day………. Then Raven got out…..

It has been beautiful out today even if it felt like a 110 degrees. I got some yard work done and came in to get some cold iced tea. I drank some and then went back out where I saw my female Shepherd, Raven, had escaped. Good thing she didn’t connect with lucifer, the neighbors dog. Anyways, this is one smart dog. She had decided to escape by digging a hole and the biting on the privacy fence until she could use the broken wood to snap the other piece (wooden by the way).
Did I mention I had to shut off the water to the outside faucet because she can turn it on by herself? She always finds a way like that Velociraptor on Jurassic Park. She has found every possible way to escape just so she can prove a point I guess because she never leaves the yard. I guess she just wants to see if she can escape. lol. Yes, we spend tons of time with her and our larger Shep Nitro. But wow. There is nothing this dog cannot figure out! So, after playing tag around the yard for an hour, she quit and went back into the backyard. I am sweating, out of breath and exhausted. She is happy, chasing a ball and getting yelled at by Nitro when she misbehaves. hahahahah. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

Time never erases you …. from my Heart…

No matter how much time goes by, nothing will ever erase you from my heart. I think of you everyday and I keep your special place in my heart where it has always been. I am glad though that you are not here during all of these things going on. It would have bothered you so much. Of course I would always bring you back if I could but I just know how much it would hurt you. you were all about the Love. But I just wanted you to know that no matter what. You are always in my heart. Time may keep going on but my love for you never stops. Sara Nicolle. Time she left this earth, 2007.

I started writing because of you, My angels………..

I have written for many years but never public and mostly plays, poems and stories. But when my daughter was killed and I had lost her brother at two days a couple of  years before, I was in limbo for so long and then one day, I decided to use the WordPress and see what  would happen. It started slow because it was only to try and fill a void. Then I took a break for a while. But… slowly, I came back and the World opened up. I found that I loved it. that I was writing how my heart felt and that I was able to reach out in a way to others. Now I do it as much as I can on here. It will never replace the empty spot you left in my heart BUT it has filled some of the void. I love you my angel. Thank you and thank God for a beautiful gift to be able to get away for awhile and share things with others. “IN Memory: Sara Nicolle, forever 23, Ryan, 2 days.”

Today is good….. For that I am thankful….

Everyday that brings joy is a good day and even fighting the anxiety, I have many good days. Today is one and for that I am thankful. The sun is shining, I had a couple of uplifting phone calls and I have some kittens running around from the stray cat. Just watching them jump and play and bounce around makes me laugh! Today I keep hope that things will get better. Today I enjoy the little things. I even got an Art piece finished. I hope all of you have a good day too! Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

JUST my opinion…. Change comes when we UNITE, not when we destroy…….

I am really trying. I am. To stay away from all of this and not write about it but I have read and tried to skip over and you cannot escape. It is everywhere. So, as I said, IN my opinion, We have to UNITE as a nation and make our changes and we can do that. There is oppression in every race, status, school, job and so on. Whether it is a black life, white life whatever, We NEED to UNITE together! I do not disagree we need some changes at all. But I think that this all getting to a point where the whole focus has been lost. Riots, looting, innocent BLACK and WHITE people being killed. Small businesses destroyed that are owned by many different races. Terror for the homeless. Innocent cops who were trying to help. Just all of it has turned into a crap fest. IF we UNITED TOGETHER and came together as a Country, I DO believe changes could and would gladly be made in JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for ALL of us. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!