I write a lot… Today I am reading many of yours…..

I go through many, read and like but I can never seem to get to them all. So today I am strolling through bloggers/writers who follow me and returning the favor. I may only be able to read one of each but I hope to get to them all. That would be great. doubtful but great. I appreciate all of you who read mine and I try to do the same as my thank you. We have a wonderful place here! 🙂

Empath Life in a chaotic time….

This is hard. Trying to not overthink, trying to avoid the toxic feelings and the pushing of others to come when you cannot. It is hard to hear the aggression of those angry because you feel it so strong. Drained mentally while trying to maintain a healthy mental strength. Looking to seek out those who want to be giving and caring in these times. I am struggling but still doing my best to keep my own mental health from breaking while trying to help others who are in panic. With anxiety myself that can be hard. But I am trying. Yoga, prayer, meditation and just trying to do the best I can. Hugs to my fellow writers and bloggers.

Yoga hates me….. Just kidding…

Yoga hates me. Of course I am kidding since I do Yoga and it is very beneficial BUT I think it is out to get me. I mean, the things I have to do to my body to get into Yoga positions are like, “Seriously”? Like my body was not made to contort like this. I just do it and of course fall half of the time but I do it. I jingle this way, I stretch, I do my enemy downward dog. Why is downward dog so hard for me? Well, Keep on hating me Yoga because I know inside you really love me or you would not torture my body into health. hahahaha. And I feel so good after. Yoga. A way of life. :)Have a great day/ night fellow bloggers wherever you are on this huge planet!

My Yoga, Anxiety & how life being an Empath finds it useful.

Living with Panic and Anxiety and being an Empath/ Discerner is no easy task let me tell you. So, I do use Yoga as a way of releasing it. Yes, I stay on beginner level at times because my energy has been zapped so I do that and it slowly works me back up by easing the anxiety, emotional vampirism and panic. BUT, it is very hard at times. I also use my Tai-Chi to level me out as well as prayer. I find all forms help me to find a balance in the crazy world of my mind. I am blessed but I am constantly on guard. So, for those who may suffer these trials as well as me, try this as a means of escape. It really does work! Have a great day/night wherever you are1

My Empath brain has been in over drive & so has my anxiety. So, I did some Yoga and other things as well as a lot of praying.

I had been spending a lot of time around others during the Holidays and of course my Empath wiring has been shot into over drive and so along with that, of course, came my anxiety. So I am like a nut case just going haywire and my brain is screaming at me and I am just as jumbled as this post. But, in a moment of calm, I decided to take the time to do some Yoga, some tai Chi, some prayers and some meditation. It was the best decision. It calmed my ever speeding and over thinking brain and it enabled me to be able to focus. I was able to ease the Empath burn that had me going crazy. I controlled my anxiety and well, I am good now. I still have my Empath wires humming and my anxiety is still trying to hype me up but I am keeping it at bay. I am so blessed to have things that help where once I could not control any of it. I hope my fellow bloggers who have these issues were able to get through as well! Have a wonderful evening where I am and day if you are from afar.

Be yourself…. Just don’t offend anyone… So smile and be sweet….But not too sweet…

I am very outspoken. I say what I think but I am real about it. that offends a LOT of people. Of course, everything seems to offend somebody these days. You see all these quotes about being you. true to yourself, do not care what anyone thinks so I don’t and needless to say, I am not popular in the friend department. Maybe because I am an empath, maybe because I am honest or maybe because that is just life. Who knows? I was even told once, just smile and share love. But do not smile too sweet or it will look fake and you could offend somebody. Sooooo, I think I will just keep being me and just doing my thing. I am also very kind hearted and I will help anyone I can. I just don’t do fake. 🙂 Oh well. Life in my lane. Everyone have a great day!

My dogs are big babies, my cats are destroyers and my parakeets keep having babies. I have my own farm with domesticated animals……

My older pup, Buddy, is my constant indoor companion. My two outside shepherds, too big to live inside but well equipped with outdoor housing and shade and an abundance of toys are big babies. They love mommy and daddy and we can play for tow or more hours a day and walk them and they still want more attention even though they have almost an acre of free roaming space and each other. My cats are like mini monsters. They love to break, destroy, tear apart and well, actually just turn anything that is within reach into a shred of nothing. And then there are my sweet parakeets. They had two babies to my total shock and surprise that grew and came out of the nesting box. Well, now two weeks later mama bird is back in box so I assume more babies are coming. If nothing else, my animals fill me with love and daily surprises! have a great day fellow bloggers!