Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…You never know , so wear them all!….

Yeah, I talk about it a lot but here in Ga. you just never know. lol. Sooo, like yesterday, forecast said cold. Of course i know what that means so i packed up a t-shirt, shoes, cool pants and headed out in a sweater, jacket, boots and warm pants. But because I know this Weather, I was able by midday when it hit the hight sixties to change into the cooler clothes. And best of all when it got to excessive cold last night I was able to change back. gotta love it. at least we got some colored leavesat my house this year so there is that.

Listening. To Silence…..

I was doing more self therapy and I read about just having a few minutes of silence everyday. So, of course I am going to try it. Lol. Silly me. This is going to take some work. Have you ever tried to just rest in silence? This thing is hard because I overthink anyway. Regardless, here I was, in bed, focusing on the sound a fan to block out any other noise and just be. I did it for a lonnnng three minutes. I mean. I tried. My mind was all over The place just trying to be silent. This is obviously going to be a bit of a challenge. Lol. Listening to Silence and shutting it all out might be the best challenge in a bit. Have a great day/evening wherever you are fellow bloggers!

If you need to know anything about life or how dumb you are… ask a teen….lol

I just wrote on teen vaping which saddens me but I wanted to write a bit on the humorous side of teen life. Adults are dumb and they know everything. I know because there are plenty of them in my family to remind me of this. If you have any advice, fear not. They do not need it. We don’t “get” them and they have “got” this no matter what the subject is. If you think you need to explain why they cannot do something they want, they have you covered on that too. I think there is now a teen journal or some guide on telling you a valid reason why your no doesn’t make sense. Like 50 or more reasons. And, God forbid you try to give relationship tips to them. Just so e know, they already know how to cover any and all situations there. So finally, I have given up. Lol. NOBODY is smarter than todays teenager. Lol.

Tonight I starred in my own scary movie… plus a tiny step out of the World of fear….

In the Town of Pine Mountain, Georgia, we have a place where you can go we call The Overlook. You can put a quarter(yes, still a Quarter) into this odd looking machine and look at the Valley below. You can see houses, people, trees and everything miles and miles away. I have been wanting pictures of this machine for a while. So tonight on my way home from Columbus I decided to stop. It was foggy and a mist surrounded everything. Being so late no one was there but me. I was scared at first but I stopped my car anyway and got out with my camera. I snapped several pictures but I kept hearing snapping twigs and noises but I kept taking pictures. I decided I was in my own scary movie minus the killers or ghost. I also realized as I got back into my car that I just took a small step out of the fear that often surrounds me. It was awesom

I am me… and I accept and receive that….

I am good, kind and loving.

I am angry ,frustrated and confused.

I am artistic, an empath and I feel emotions.

I am a lover of Nature and despise the abuse of animals.

I am loyal, devoted and true.

I am short tempered, easy to hurt and quick to strike back.

i am a survivor of abuse and I have learned to survive after loss.

I am me. Many things good and equally bad. But I am human so it is as it is.

I have learned a lot this past year…. I am normal.

I have laughed. I have cried. I have had good days and bad days. I have forgiven and i have been unforgiving. I have been happy and I have been sad. i have judged and been judged. I have had moments of darkness and moments of light. What I have learned most of all is that many if not all of us go through these phases of our journey. It is okay to have them ad it is okay to not be okay. It is okay if I am outspoken and honest. I have been negative at times and positive other times. Not everyone likes to agree that we may have to disagree. But all in all, that is okay. Because I am me. And I realize me is just who I am meant to be.

Today is Reading Day! So excited…….I hope I can fit in a good bit and enjoy your writings, photos and More!

Today is the day I get to really take some time and go check out some of the things I may have missed. I try to do it at least twice a week and check out some daily but I get so excited when I have a few hours to do it! I find the. BEST stuff on here! Such talent, raw emotion and beauty as well as pain but all of it has its own beauty! Thank you all! Have a great day/ night!