I saw your Cross last night…..

I was on my way home and it was pouring down rain. I always look for your Cross on the roadside. The day you left us. The day my life changed forever. I don’t know why I have never taken a picture. I know I have stopped there a few times. I have to be careful. It is a dangerous spot where you and your three friends were killed. Then. There it was. The reflectors lit it up and I just remembered that night again. I always remember but especially when I see the Cross. I know what everyone say’s but regardless, it doesn’t make the pain any less. Especially when I see that Cross. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I cried as i tried to stop so I could see on the rainy road but sometimes what we want and what we can do are not the same. I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. I love. you. Always. Love, Mom.

In Memory of Sara Nicolle

Lucifer meets Sawyer…..

Could it be? Could it be possible the Lucifer I hate to love actually can be kind? Yes, it has happened. After my sweet Buddy passed (Lucifer’s arch enemy, along with every other breathing thing and well, anything actually. Rocks, leaves, trees, you get the idea. He attacked everything that little Chihuahua terror. But there is hope. After Buddy passed, my daughter decided I needed a dog and helped to find Sawyer. A small 9 year old Pom whom at first I just could not feel anything for. he has won me over and though he can never take Buddy’s place, he is a lot like Buddy in every way except color and I can walk him on a leash. (Buddy would flip like a fish on a hook,lol). Anyway, I was walking Sawyer and yes, here he comes. Lucifer. I went to run before my dog was assaulted when Sawyer ran to Lucifer. Lucifer actually greeted him. The neighbor and I were stunned as they rubbed noses and actually got along. So well that they Now have play time in her fenced back yard. Maybe 2020 does have some good in it after all.

The Yoga Life…….

I quit writing about Yoga but yes, I do practice Yoga. In my home. I may not be Yoga instructor material but I do love it. it does calm me and I just do not choose to do it outside or at the Park. As many know, I have stated Yoga and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the benefits but some of the exercises are hard and though I do most, I never seem to conquer some of the harder ones but I do try. So if you find it hard at first, just keep on keeping on. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

It’s been a long time…. I think I need some Florida sun ……..

I used to get my best thoughts walking on the sandy beach of Florida. I loved the warmth, a breeze at times that flowed through my hair and the lapping of waves on my feet as they sunk into the wet sand. Sometimes the ocean roars and sometimes it just sings. I have visited the beaches of California but I feel like Florida beaches hold my heart. I would really love to go and energize my mind and heart and soul so i can get back to a good writing zone. Good day/evening to all of you fellow bloggers! Write on!

2020…… A year to top many others…..Also a year to reflect and learn…

There is no doubt 2020 has thrown us for a loop. But it has also been a time when Our World had to stop for a while and it was a time for me to reflect on so many things. The way that i had to be at home and try to avoid Covid helped me to appreciate the times I never wanted to leave my house. It made me desire to just get out and be able t go. It showed me how to use my ability as an Empath/Discerner to cope with people. It taught me that it takes more than Yoga, prayer, and meditation to deal with anxiety because we need other humans. It has taught me to appreciate things I took for granted. It broke me in some ways but it has built me in others. have a great day/night fellow bloggers.

What is it like when someone is in love with you?……….

How many of us ever get that? The feeling of someone being in love with you? The feeling of loving you in everyway. It doesn’t matter what you look like or your size or your anything. They are in love with you. The woman or the man. You see the love in their face and feel it in your heart. You long for them when they are not there and you love every moment together. The good and the bad. Trials and pain but you get through it. Together. Blessed are those who have it.

In finding myself or at least a part again…. I battle my mind…

I blogged the other day about finding a part of me again and it has been beautiful. I have also dealt with my mind. Is it the Empath in me or the anxiety telling me this is not okay? That this is not normal for my brain to feel happy. It is so hard but I know for those who live these things, it is very real. I still feel guilt if true happiness tries to climb in since my daughter didn’t get that. Then I feel That surge of the happiness trying to stay and so we battle.