Since 2020 started, I upped the game on my creativity…..

Needless to say, we all know 2020 and now 2021 has proven to be, well, strange, sad and confusing. The many things that I try to work on such as Anxiety, stress, grief and the loss of loved ones took its toll. So, I had to have something to help. That is when I let my love for art and writing kick in. I had to have something. I found new creative ideas and I am glad because it kept me from going insane. Now, I just draw or paint whatever comes to mind. One plus in the last season of weird. 🙂

I am doing better… I hope all of you are good!…

I am finally feeling like writing again. it has been a process with everything going on I just wanted to stay inbed snuggle on the couch and read. It has been like so crazy! Of course I couldn’t just stay in bed or couch cuddle, lol. Sorry but it would not let me space above on the in bed. I know, who cares, just a glip but that has been my mindset. lol. I have to say the last few months have been challenging, to say the least, and the year 2020 has been like none other I can ever remember. Either way, hopefully I can resume writing again and good day/ evening/ night to all of you. I hope it is great for you!

COVID, you suck…. Been off for a bit…

WOW! I have had a LOT of family hit with Covid the last month or so and now another one this week. This is a horrible thing for them and it is scary. Some do great and whip through while others are having a harder time. So I have been focusing on that and I am just too mentally drained to write. This is such a hard situation. You go loco if you try to be cautious and stay away from people and places but then I have seen first hand where going out or just even using every pre-caution you can they still got it. I am ready for this bad boy to hang up its guns and go away!

I am re-naming Lucifer the dog…. because I cannot remember what I re-named him before…….lol.

Most of you know Lucifer by now. He is the neighbors Chihuahua who has always been so mean and so scary that he can scare a dog over a 100 pounds into running from him with those sharp little teeth. If not, here is a quick summary. Lucifer, whom I will now just call “Salty Dog”, would attack and terrorize our neighborhood. People, animals, rocks, leaves and the list goes on every time he would jerk free from his masters hand ( a sweet but timid lady) and he would embark on his rampage, leash trailing behind him. He thought everything was deadly and needed him to kill it. including humans who would just be standing there. He would come after your ankles. we. all. ran. lol

But in 2020, Lucifer changed over the year. Yes, he still chases leaves, rocks, other animals and such but now he has stopped coming after me. He will just, stare, challenge my mind and then go on. We kind of came to a silent agreement this past year. we need more friends than enemies. lol. So, he is tempted at times but I guess he doesn’t smell fear on me anymore. who knows? Either way, from now on, I will call him Salty Dog. Unless he comes after me again. lol

Does anyone like to read our published books or parts of them? …….. Asking for a ….. Myself… I am asking for myself…

lol. I love to write. I write Poetry, Zombie books, Romance books but rarely publish. Are they trash or treasure? You have read some of the Poetry I did publish on here but I published a Z book when I first started writing them and I did sell a few copies. I wrote one about my daughter’s death (started as a journal of the first year) to help other parents know I understand and we are not alone. blah. blah. Anyway I just wondered if people here read others stories a lot? I mean, I do but is it something done a lot? Or just me doing it? lol.

Tryin to re-train things in my brain to Positive vs. Negative….

This has been a year if I ever need to switch from negative to positive, this has been it. I realized how much negative was in my mind when battle after after mental battle erupted. Not to say i am totally negative because I have funny days as well but I have had to let go of a lot of it. Toxic thoughts, people, environment and more. But there, as in life, have been really good things and some really bad things that have happened this year. Maybe Covid made the bad things seem worse, I don’t know. So That is what I am trying to do. On the plus side, I have Lucifer (the Chihuahua guard dog to ensure a good chuckle when I am having really bad moments. I mean, as long as I can laugh safely away from him. Have a great day/evening everyone.

Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Happy Hannukah….etc…..

No matter what your belief, color, political thoughts, profession, etc. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from me. I hope love is filled in all of our homes and we can grab some positive from somewhere on this Holiday. We are all on the same Island called life and so we can all be united in that if nothing else. I hope for those of us who are mourning that something will bring a smile from someone we miss or something that is bringing us down. so, here is a virtual hug and a smile filled with love from me to you.

I am doing some Martial Arts, Yoga, and a LOT of prayer to keep my mind calm…

I want to get back to more cheerful post but this is a tough time of year for me and 2020 sure has not helped. However, with a lot of stress and that time of year I cry over my daughter ( natural when you lose a child) and she loved the Holidays and then left us in February, three days after Valentines. Soooo, to try and bring some happy that is locked inside of me. So I am doing my exercises and prayer and doing the things needed to help me appreciate my blessings. I am blessed to have this place to come to.

Good to be back…

I took a hiatus to clear my mind, soul ,body and hear but it is good to be back on here. I had to do something to help me to get rid of toxins in my head, body and toxic people and relationships that were trying to really keep me down. But I am just as guilty for letting it affect me and letting them do it so I had to step back. But I did. I am feeling clearer and more determined to conquer some things so thank you to everyone who reads my sometimes weird stuff. At least it is not boring all of the time. lol.

Now it makes me schedule when I post? Not you too WordPress… Please… ugh…

I managed my way through the new WordPress with help from a friend. Thank you so much! But NOW, it has assigned it to where I have to schedule my post. This is all getting annoying and really, charging to go back to original WordPress, to me, is just wrong. My rant for the day. 🙂