The Tiny Hunter….. Kittens are such a joy!….

I watch this little one as she stalks and pounces on bugs, or at least at them. It is so funny because she thinks I cannot see her. She is a little hunter. Then when I feel a bit down, I will go out in the evenings and just watch her. She pounces around, runs at full speed after something and then just stops. She enters into a little fenced area I have, looking around to see if anything sees her and then goes in to stalk the cricket that I guess she heard. The Cricket got away. Well everything she stalks gets away. Kittens are such a joy and bring a smile to me in days that can be depressing. I look forward to watching my tiny little Hunter.

A beautiful, Sunny, Hot Day………. Then Raven got out…..

It has been beautiful out today even if it felt like a 110 degrees. I got some yard work done and came in to get some cold iced tea. I drank some and then went back out where I saw my female Shepherd, Raven, had escaped. Good thing she didn’t connect with lucifer, the neighbors dog. Anyways, this is one smart dog. She had decided to escape by digging a hole and the biting on the privacy fence until she could use the broken wood to snap the other piece (wooden by the way).
Did I mention I had to shut off the water to the outside faucet because she can turn it on by herself? She always finds a way like that Velociraptor on Jurassic Park. She has found every possible way to escape just so she can prove a point I guess because she never leaves the yard. I guess she just wants to see if she can escape. lol. Yes, we spend tons of time with her and our larger Shep Nitro. But wow. There is nothing this dog cannot figure out! So, after playing tag around the yard for an hour, she quit and went back into the backyard. I am sweating, out of breath and exhausted. She is happy, chasing a ball and getting yelled at by Nitro when she misbehaves. hahahahah. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!

Wow! We think we have ANOTHER baby Parakeet maybe more….

As some of you know we were shocked last year to discover our parakeets had two babies and I followed with pics. Well, this morning, we heard that familiar little tweet tweet AGAIN! I am so shocked! I figured those two were an oddity and it would never happen again since many on here had said that was unusual. The other two of course are grown now, still living here and so this is exciting and I wanted to share! have a good day/night to all! This picture is from the first two. I have not opened the box yet because they sound tiny.

Well the house is spotless, the garden has been planted, the cars have been washed and etc. etc. and I now starting on all of the neighbors….. And Lucifer aka TLT is still chasing me but I have lost enough weight I can out run him! Take that tiny little terror! hahahahahaha……..

There is probably nothing is my house that has not been cleaned, Clorox wiped, (except me) re-arranged, decluttered, planted, washed or otherwise been done. So now I think I will go to my neighbors and offer to do any outside weeding, cleaning you know, whatever. But I can’t really because they have been as busy as me. On the up of the uppest side, with Yoga, work, exercise, Prayer, meditation, Yai Chi, watching what I eat I can NOW outrung the neighborhood Chihuahua, Lucifer. You knw, the one who terrorizes us and chases anything that moves including tiny pebbles blown by the wind. Even the leaves try to fall away from his direction. NOW though I can outrun the little 3 to 4 pound beast when he breaks off of his leash as he often does. Things may not be normal right now but I am having a good time with that little dog. He is quite ill with me right now actually. hahahahahaha. Hugs to all!

My little Buddy… Truly, animals can be our best friend. …..

My sweet Buddy knows when I am sad. He has been mine for 15 years and he comes and sits beside me and follows me wherever I am. I try to give him a lot of attention but sometimes I get so busy I forget. But there he is, waiting when I see him and stop to pet and love him. Animals are so much more aware than we realize. I love them. He is a sweet, loving dog and I am so blessed to have him. My friend. My source of comfort. Thank you God for animals!

I have re-named Lucifer, aka the tiny neighbor dog, TLT, for now. Tiny Little Terror……..

Well, I have decided maybe Lucifer is a bit strong for the neighborhood terror, the Chihuahua. So, TLT it is. Now that the weather is good, I may get to see him a bit more so he can bring some needed terror to keep things normal around here. Because you can always count on him to terrorize your day if you encounter him. You know, try to eat your ankles into shreds or terrorize people walking or other dogs, or humans, or flowers. Yes, he tore into the flowers by my mailbox as they tried to attack where they silently sat. But I guess TLT, aka, Lucifer, haha decided they were a real threat. Kudos to the owner when I found replacement flowers on my porch the next morning. And then, this afternoon he was attacking the grass around him as he walked with his master. I assume he thought it was giving him looks of threat. Yep. If I need some normal in the chaotic world, I can always depend on TLT (Lucifer) all what? 3 or 4 pounds of pure terror. haahaha. Hugs to you all! 🙂

My cat is a Demon…. I am 100% convinced……

Her name is Pixie Dust. Solid black. Loves to be petted until you pet her and then she attacks. she bites me, scratches me and destroys my office. Shas chewed through my speakers, my pencil sharpener charger, my diffuser charger and she throws things and I mean throws things off of my shelves. Pixie takes her solid water bowls (I have switched four different ones) and she turns them over. The picture here is of her trying to jump up onto the top of the 55 gallon tank. (She did by the way).She then removes the rocks I put at the bottom to keep her from over turning them and I wake to water all over in the mornings. she is a mass of destruction. My hand is currently bleeding where she bit me as I petted her. Did she get advice from the neighbor dog on how to terrorize? hahahaha. I LOVE her dearly but my gosh, this cat is mean. Well, just a bit of humor for us today to try and ease the anxiety. But yes, the cat is real and she does do all of these things. I think the dog Lucifer is her brother from another mother. lol

Lucifer the dog I loathe is a welcome relief from all of this Chaos…….What? Did I really write that?…

As some of you know by now, I have a neighborhood dog I call Lucifer who is mean. Mean and super mean. A chihuahua. Yeah. that is right. A tiny bundle of pure terror. He makes animals hide, birds stop singing and people in our neighborhood run for their lives. he WILL bite you if he gets free from his leash and catches you. He WILL attack anything that he can, including leaves, grass, and well you get it. ANYTHING. I LOVE animals but I do not like Lucifer. We are arch enemies. He terrorizes me and my family. The outside cat. He seems to thrive on catching me off guard. He breaks of the cute little leashes his sweet little owner buys who, by the way, adores him and say’s he means well but he is just protective. No honey, he is just mean. lol.
However, I never thought I would ever, ever say this but I almost find joy seeing Lucifer right now because it is a normal amidst all of the Chaos right now in the world. where we do not know what to expect with all of the other things going on at least I can count on the dog. He hasn’t changed. He actually made me laugh yesterday when I looked out my window and saw his owner walking him. He was fine until he spotted the large pebble or small rock, whatever, on the sidewalk and off he goes. He attacked the demon rock and tried his best to to no avail to destroy it until his owner calmly walked up and took it from his mouth and then gave him a treat. Soooooo, thank you Lucifer for the laugh and for the fact that no matter what. You. never. change.