A little Yoga, Some essential oils and a LOT of Prayer…… For the Anxiety & Panic………

I combat anxiety with Yoga, a variety of essential oils and a lot of prayer. Yes, I can combine all three and it is fine. lol. Yoga helps me to relax and tone. Essential oils help with a variety of things and Prayer because I believe. I love the balance and although I still have Anxiety, I know it is my own mind that deceives and tricks me into thinking the thoughts I have. I guess if I had experienced it since Childhood maybe I could do better but it only started about 5 years ago? From full blown Panic attacks to Anxiety with occasional panic attacks. So, I just do my thing and try to work through it. I love life but I hate Anxiety and Panic but it is a part of what I battle now so I use my Armor. Hugs and have a great day/night fellow bloggers/writers! I added one of my very own photos to share for a bit of happiness it brings to me and hopefully to you!

Why can’t I ever sell my art? ………….

I do all forms of art and I love painting, pen & Ink, Abstract, regular, I mean just all kinds. Graphic illustration where I turn people into fairies and switch pics over, pet memory graphics and everyone loves them but no one ever wants to buy them. DO any of my fellow writers, artist have any ideas? I have been on paid sites, free sites, you name it and still, nothing. Just thought I would ask. Have a great one!

you find it here… Art, poetry, photography, thoughts, and more because I am share my life in everything I do.

I know my post are all over the place but I share many aspects of my life. I am very diverse so I just share anything from my poetic thoughts to my art to my animals to my Yoga. I know I am supposed to stick to one certain thing to help my blog to grow but I just can’t. I have and love to share all the aspects of my life. Well not all or you would probably go insane. hahahahah. But I do love to share different things because I AM different. Have a great day!