During this time of the unknown…. may we all join together and unite……

I try to avoid talking about this virus and the dangers and how scary it really is. Because we can read about it everyday and that is enough. But I wanted to look at the other side. Maybe this has given us an opportunity to get some humanity back, to clear our Earth just a little of the toxins, to learn what we can and cannot do without. To join together as a Nation and unite to become a Country that prays for others, wishes the best for all of us and hope we all get through this. United we stand and divided we fall. I hope we choose to stand. Together. 🙂

Our beautiful, crazy, zany lives!……..Thank you for giving us love, prayer, yoga, meditation and friends and family. …

Life is so beautiful so crazy and just so full of different turns everywhere we go! One day Anxiety, one day laughing, one day crying and one day pondering why things happen the way they do. But at least we can journey through it. We can walk through life, avoid things in life, calmly stand the storm or we can just cower at the overwhelming days we face. Sometimes I do it all. But I keep trying and I keep doing it because life may be crazy but it is beautiful and filled with so many things we count as blessings! Have a great day/night fellow writers & bloggers.

Why has the Anxiety been so bad after I had been doing so good…….

I do not get this disorder. I have done so good for so long and here lately it has been like a bad dream. I feel so strange and everything is making me nervous. I feel like I used to where every single issue was something that brought on Anxiety or Panic. It is very disturbing and it is also very annoying. So, just wanted to let my fellow anxiety sufferers know, that I am having a set back but I guess maybe we all do. God speed to us all.

So, Coronavirus……..Fear or no Fear?….

Well, it has hit Ga. and many of our states. So, we are being told to be cautious but not worry. However, I have to wonder since we have a case in Fulton County where a man brought it from Italy, are we going to be hit next? I mean, from what I have read it can stay on a surface for hours. Soooo, if he went to Atlanta Airport, did he infect people? Did he infect people who then leave the Airport. They have it but don’t know so they in turn, infect others. What about the people on the flight? Then, Peachtree City is where many of our Pilots from the Airport live? so, I hope the Pilot was not infected. Doubtful since I believe the Pilots stay in the cabin until after everyone else is off. Anyway, just my theory or thought for the day. Have a great one everybody!

Hello Yoga… Missing you…Anxiety knows you are not being done…..

Soooo, I am having a kidney problem soooo I cannot do my Yoga beacause it hurts bad.I can feel it already. My body is tense, My mind is not relaxing and of course Anxiety is at a bit of a high!Yes, I may gripe about it but when I cannot do it I am just like UGHHHHHH! At this point I would smile at doing downward dog! BUT, on the upside maybe it will get better quick. I sure hope sooo. Hope my fellow blogger friends have a great day!

Yoga and Anxiety…………

Well Yoga is still kicking my bootie but I am still doing it and writing and Tai Chi. I am trying to get back to the healthy as I indulge in a bowl of vanilla bean, peanut butter and caramel milkshake this A.M. I love writing and still working on my zombie book while I tackle graphics and stay uber busy if I can. That also keeps anxiety at bay. I have to say though that Yoga is so good but so hard. Downward Dog is like my enemy. hahahahahaha. That dog is tearing me up! But I will get it as my back screams when I do it. So, I just tell my body, buck up and get ready for the rollercoaster of temp pain because we feel so much better after a short bit. I also love my yoga warm ups. They really help me in the less stress level so I can write, do the art and graphics.

Life, Love and Happiness……..

Life is beautiful but scary and sad but good.
Love is blind, hard, beautiful and needed.
Happiness is what we make it or how we break it.
I am an emotional roller coaster on this journey and it is crazy.
This world is just an exotic place with so many exotic, unique people
And we are all filled with so many different thoughts, feelings
emotions and words.
Some of us never seem to have a bad day while some of us strive to get
Anxiety, pain, hurt or depression.
Others are always laughing and happy and it seems never bothered by
But I think deep down we all experience many of these emotions, we
just live them in a different way.