Why so I have trouble sleeping every full moon?…………………..

I have no idea why but EVERY full moon and the night before I just cannot get to sleep. I do not even know if this is normal but I know it is agitating! I just wonder if anyone else has this issue? Not a long post but I am just curious because it is so weird!

Yoga Life………………………….

This is like a guide for me on how to stay healthy, in shape, calm (not always 100% because of anxiety but it sure helps) and how to use it for the things in life that try and take me over the top. There are so many styles and methods and yes, I still struggle because some are just really hard to do. But I do love it and I love being able to lose myself in it. The music playing is calm and sometimes I use the sounds of nature when I am in the mode for that. Yoga. It is a way of life and it does work!

Hello Yoga…. My good friend… Been a while…

I have been so caught up that I put my Yoga on a shelf in my mind where I had occasionally took it off and used it. But now I realize Yoga is a staple that I use to help me to get to quiet moments of tranquility while working me to a point where at times I think I might just fall on the floor. But my Yoga, my longtime friend, pulls me back and helps my mind and my body and my soul. So glad to bring you back.

Anxiety doesn’t make me a Victim OR Weak……..

Today I was told that I am acting like a Victim because I have anxiety and I am weak. NO. Actually, I neither a Victim nor Weak. Quite the opposite. I am a fighter! I fight everyday to battle my mind. I fight everyday to let the joy shine through over a Condition I didn’t ask for. I am NOT a victim or weak if I ask for someone to shoot me a text or call. I think that is just human compassion. I am not a victim or weak because I have a moment where I cannot be there to help this person with what they want at the moment. I just need a bit to get back on track. So, NO! I am NOT what you say just because you are looking for a bag to punch! I am a Survivor and I am a Fighter. So, if someone tells you these remember, it takes a lot to live with condition but we do and we are NOT weak or a VICTIM.

I have tried to be uber positive but I have had like a tough week…. So maybe some downers today… Sorry :(

It has just been tough. Due to immunity issues I am still home bound for now. I have been doing Yoga, Prayer, meditation, essential oils, and just about anything to keep me off this stupid anxiety but it is really hard. Then, as usual, I over think things a 1,000 to a million times. haha. I am doing okay but just honestly, a tough one but I am still counting my blessings as I battle my mind.

Right now I am just trying to write things to help us laugh and get through this….

But I assume you all know this by now. I am very busy because if I d o not do something I will go insane even with the shelter in place ending at midnight. But although, yes I have cleaned and gardened along with Yoga, Prayer and meditation of course I am not working all night long. But hey, that is a great thought! On the serious side, it has been hard so many times. I have a hard time but I am so grateful of the blessings I have and that, thus far I am healthy. I lost my dad during this so I have to something to stay sane. If not, all of the pain and anxiety will consume me so I try to give us some time just to take a moment and maybe smile. even if only for a moment.

Trying really hard to be happy, blessed and feel good but man, this Anxiety is tough…..

As I said in my last post, enjoying good weather, beautiful nights and counting my blessings. But this Anxiety kicks in and I swear it has my head swimming. It is such a battle sometimes and I just do not know why I cannot knock it some days. It is just like trying to keep me down when I am trying even harder to stay lifted up. I hope it is easier for all of you. Hugs!

I wish upon a Star tonight….

I just pray and wish this Virus could go away. I wish we could all learn from this and I hope we do. I wish that we all learn more about helping the lonely who are always isolated because they have no one, for those who are living with anxious minds I wish that we could all learn how to understand how hard that is. I know. I live it. I wish that somehow, we will all unite together and learn what love is again. I wish upon a star that we, from now on, will enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of the oceans, the joy of laughter and that we can all learn from this Virus how very blessed we have really been.

I am using Yoga, Exercise, Prayer, Meditation and more to try and help my Anxiety & the ever present Empath/ Discerner Life………

Well. I am just using it all. Anxiety has peaked some days and I find my insides shaking. I also have been bogged with the Empath/Discerner days that really have put me on edge. Soooo, I use Yoga, walks, planks (yes they do work) prayer, meditation and all of it combined to try and make the pressure of this current a bit easier. Anytime with Anxiety is a hard time but as we know, certain things help to make it harder. So, I am using the gifts allotted to all of us to my advantage. Do I still have tense days? YES! But whatever can make it ease it up I am soooo willing. I hope you are finding ways of coping and if you know of someone who needs to be lifted up, please do it or send them here or whatever we can do to help each other! Have a great/evening wherever you are! Hugs!

Essential oils & other methods to calm for health……..

With everything going on, I find my anxiety level is hard to manage at times even with Yoga, prayer and trying to listen to Calming Nature sounds. But I have started using a couple of new essential Oils along with a formula I made to help with pain, etc. I take frankincense and a few drops of Lavender and put it in a small container with about a 1/4 of a cup of liquid Coconut oil. I rub that on my lungs, sternum and back. (It does not take much at all) and it helps to calm and relax. I combine my methods and just wanted to share with anyone who might need that tip. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers and writers!