George Floyd….. A take on a man’s life….

We have probably all heard by now of the sad death of George Floyd. But I wanted to remember him in a different way. I cried and could not finish watching the video. I cried over wishing I could have been there. Maybe somehow I could have stopped it . (No but just things that go through my head.) I wish time could turn back and it could be different. But I read about the beauty of his life and that is what I wanted to write about. I hope people remember the good he did. The people he helped. The love he shared. The people who loved and whom he loved. His contributions to an Ugly world at times. He was truly a wonderful man. I hope everyone reads about his life and the things he did to make our world a better place. I wish he was still here and I still am crying when I think of him. But I know that as horrible as it was that that happened to him, I sure hope he is honored for the wonderful man he was and not just the victim that he sadly became. R.I.P. George.