Counting Blessings amid the Chaos……………………

Last weekend a car slammed into my back and it was scary. It got me to thinking about how our Country is in a spin right now and how everything seems to be falling apart sometimes. But I was reading some about the Depression, life in the 1800’s and other things to try and find things we can still be grateful for. I found so many but here are some I often take for granted. A hot shower with plenty of soap and shampoo. There was a time when water was boiled over a pot once a week (If you were lucky) and you had to bathe from that along with several other people. I have food. Lot’s of choices. Stores, farmer’s markets, Farms and so many places and choices. I read where at one time people would eat rotted potatoes, vegetables or anything that would keep them alive. I have Medical care and access to Antibiotics on things that used to kill people when a simple pill could have helped them. So I see things in a better view that for now, for today we are still so blessed. Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

I have a bully in my home…….My smallest kitten…….lol……….

Our smallest kitten is a bully. Yes, she is a very big bully for such a small tot. She slaps our Pomeranian which I scold her for but she doesn’t care. she hoards the toys and steals them from the other kitten. She steals all of the lap time even though we make her share that time, it is a battle to keep her from trying to push them off. Yes, I never imagined I would have a bully in my own home. lol. Have a great evening/day wherever you may be!

I love my animals…. But……lol…

I have cats and dogs. No, not a ton but I think my outside cats are mad at me. I switched their soft food and obviously they do not like it. They eat dry and soft but now when I go out, they run in front of me, trip me and then wait until I move over and dash in front of me so I trip again. lol. The little brats are mad. lol. I love them but maybe they are telling me I better switch back. for my own health, I better.

I need to arrange my Office …..

You know since you blog and some of us do art as well among other things. I mean where do i start? How did I get so much stuff and yet I use half of it. I have Journals, book material I am writing on, all kinds of a variety of things I either have written looking to publish or tons and I mean tons of art stuff. I get so overwhelmed form the stuff that i am so thankful I have what I need but I cannot get mind uncluttered to fix it up. Soooo, my goal now is try and read a ton of your post today and also fix this room so I enjoy it and have the tranquility to want to write more and make more art! have a great day/ev

A Childhood Home……

I never had a home that I grew up in for years with friends that I kept and still know. We moved around several times a year and I often wonder when I hear others talk about it what that would have been like. It seems like a Fairytale to me. Not to say that I was not happy but it just never gave me the chance to bond those friendships. I remember some homes we had that I loved and I have family we visited often when we lived in another state. Just when I was talking to someone the other day and listening about their home and how they grew up, I thought, “wow, that sounds so wonderful!” All in all, I learned many things moving around, I got to see many different States in our beautiful Country and it made me adjust to change which is ironic because now I have to force myself from a rigid routine BUT I just wish maybe sometimes I had that to reflect on. Life as a child drifter. Lol. Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

Struggle of the Artist….

I guess they always call us starving Artist because it is so hard to sell Art and writing sometimes! I love both and I have tried so many avenues to sell but it seems like I see so many selling and mine just sit or people will want me to write things for them but for free. But I still love my gifts and I LOVE writing on here so now I will be content with that. Does anyone else have struggles like this? I am going to try and have my usual reader other blogs day if I can do it today. I love to enter your Worlds and see how it is going. have a great day/evening wherever you are!