I am trying to catch up on some of your blogs so I can keep them in my head….Thank all of you who write and post the beautiful things that get us through……

The picture journeys that speak to my soul, the blogs about life that and love and kids and everything that help me find joy, the blogs about sorrow that help me to know I do not cry alone. The blogs about so many things. Blogs to help us in our writing, blogs about pets, love of Nature, blogs on Yoga, anxiety and empaths. I could go on and on but THANK YOU to each of you who keep me and I know so many other bloggers afloat on our journey of life! You are ALL so very awesome… Off to read more now! Hugs!

Are YOU an Empath/ Discerner?…..

Do you feel things that others do not? Do you feel others joy and pain on a deep level? Can you “read” when people are lying and find out later you are right? Do you have the awareness of tuning in when people are being fake and you can discern a fake person right when or not long after meeting them? Do you often find yourself knowing a person is on the prowl? There are so many different areas of this that it would take 50 more blogs to fill it all in. But just wanted to see how many others are like me. 🙂 Hugs!

My crazy, chaotic beautiful life…..

I have to say life is not boring around here. Between Anxiety, trying to stay relaxed and in shape, dealing with the Covid and just life in general, it does not get boring. I may get bored from trying to figure out what to do during my lockdown, I still have a crazy array of things going on. It is funny, scary, hurtful and so many things but I try my best to get through it all. 🙂 I mean, we have Lucifer the neighbor’s dog who at 3 or 4 pounds is the neighbor terror. Everything on this Earthly planet runs from that tiny mutton of meanness. People dump their cats at my house and one cat, female of course, has had five litters now. Ouch. Spats with others, feeling like I will never do good enough but only because I lost the self-power I had when I got anxiety. This post should sum up the Chaotic, crazy Beautiful life I have. Have a great night/day fellow bloggers & writers.

The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award…

I would like to thank myplace3187, JAMES A. BEST- AUTHOR, for nominating me for this award. I hope that linked. I am an Artist, deep thinker, blogger and writer. I also love Photography. I have been writing since I was young, starting with plays and Poetry. I am so grateful for everyone who read my blogs and those who respond and the many friends I have made. This is a super cool thing and I am honored to have been nominated. Thank you myplace3187!

Here are the Rules to Follow:
1.Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Make a post of the award (with a Photo of the Logo)
3. Post the Rules.
4. Ask 5- 10 questions of your choice.
5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.

Here are myplace3187’s questions:
1. What dreams am I chasing in my life? I am living them I guess. My Art, Photography, Family, Writing.
2. What do I do during this Covid-19 lockdown? Well, besides going crazy after a bit at times, I garden, try to help others via calls or in any way I can, sending gifts via mail or dropping off food at the door. I do my Yoga, Writing, Art, Tai Chi, and a LOT of Prayer to keep my sanity.
3.what type of music drives my creativity? I would have to say an assortment. Country, Contemporary Christian, 80’s and 90’s music, and of course, Classical.
4. What is my ultimate in goal in retirement? To enjoy my life without money worries.
5. If I could describe my home country, How would that look to readers? Well, I live in America and pretty much every reader sees things about our country. It is beautiful. It is crazy at times, It has many opportunities and I am not sure except that it is a wonderful place but like any country, we have our ups and downs.
6. What genre or genres of blogs do I enjoy writing about? Everything! As you can see on my blog.
7. how would I explain my family History? Um, well, I am not really sure. as far as origins, we are Indian, Irish, English and a mix of step-families.
8. Do I read books for some inspiration when creating new blogs? No, I do not. 🙂
My nominees for this Award are:





Cindy Knoke





My Questions:
1. What inspires you to write?
2. What is your favorite thing to do?
3. How do you deal with stress and anxiety?
4. How long have you been writing?
5. What is your favorite thing about your family?
6. Do you like animals? If so what kind?
7. How do you feel about your life at this time?
8. What do you like to do for Hobbies?