Working on my Zombie book AND a Romance……..Two different books….. Lol.

I am writing on both while changing from one to the other and it is interesting to say the least. But I actually love it. It is keeping my mind occupied and I go to the Zoms when I want to be alert and challenged and then to romance when I need to relax and feel all emotional inside. This is where I go when I want to rekindle my romantic heart. Then I go back to my world of zombies when I want to fight the evil and the bad so the good can hopefully, win for the most part. I hope it keeps going well like this!

Writing on my books… Getting closer… And changes again. Ugh…

I have been off dealing with life and writing on two books. One is the Zombie book I shared a portion of and the other is a Romance novel. Yes, I write from one time in the world to a whole different genre. But then I get on here and wow, a new editor thing. where do I get my featured image? Where do i put my keywords? Why do they keep changing things? Well, I guess I should have been checking here everyday. Soooo, until I figure THIS new one out I guess they will be bland no picture post?