I knew that pain was from something…..

Turns out I have an Ulcer. And I have to say the pain was so bad that I could not eat much or write or even drink my fave coffee! It is from stress and anxiety. Being an Empath/Discerner at times like these can actually be physically a drain on the body and i have been trying to keep a sunny path away from toxic people but I love and I am loyal so I worry when people are hateful that I am close to or punish me by not speaking. But went to Doc today and got something to hep for today (not pain meds) and start my medicine tomorrow. I hated not being able to write but I hope now I can get back on track. Have a great day/evening. !

Okay…. So figured some of this out but I now have to pay for ad blocks….wow….

I hate change. i am learning to deal with it but I do not like it. I do not like this because I am back to square one on learning everything. But I am going to have to adjust to it. I just do not like being forced to pay for things that were free before. Oh well. Here we go again. lol. Nope. One allowed for the featured image and key words now I cannot again. ugghhhhh.