Working on my Zombie book AND a Romance……..Two different books….. Lol.

I am writing on both while changing from one to the other and it is interesting to say the least. But I actually love it. It is keeping my mind occupied and I go to the Zoms when I want to be alert and challenged and then to romance when I need to relax and feel all emotional inside. This is where I go when I want to rekindle my romantic heart. Then I go back to my world of zombies when I want to fight the evil and the bad so the good can hopefully, win for the most part. I hope it keeps going well like this!

watching some older Halloween flicks…. lol.. Times sure have changed yet not…

The acting is cheesy, the screaming is so funny but then again, some of the movies I see now are just as bad. The acting is terrible and the although all of the scenes are more realistic, it seems that I am finding myself captivated by these oldies. I think I like them better. 🙂