My alien animals II

I just saw a preview of The secret life of animals (animated) and I have decided that maybe this is just how they are, except mine do it when I am here. As in 11:45 last night, we hear a crash. I had placed two pretty vases on my kitchen sill, filled them with stones and sand then colored water and placed one on both sides.

(Cujo) he cat loves to get up there and mess with but the stones and sand I THOUHT prevented him from moving it. WRONG! He somehow crashed it to the floor.

So, I am mopping at midnight to clean it all up. Nitro, (the 7 month 82 lb. Shep) snuck through the gate, got upstairs and ate the cat food.

Hercules (the other cat) decided it would be nice to again, eat all of my flowers and throw the remainder on the floor.

Nitro then decided yesterday would be a good time to grab my journal while I was upstairs and eat it.

This morning Cujo turned on the kitchen water again and moved the handle so it sprayed on the counter.

No, actually, my animals ARE aliens after all.