Re-Training the Brain for Christians

In your heart there is a door. The outside of the door is black. That is fear AKA Satan.

The inside of the door is white. That is Faith AKA God.

When Satan knocks, have God answer the door for you and say the following:

1. “She/he is a child me, the most high God”.

2.” No weapons formed against her/him shall prosper”.

3. “As long as he/she stays in the faith, I will deliver him/her, I will restore him/her, I will vindicate him/her. I will heal him/her. ”

4.”I am her/his ¬†salvation and light, whom shall she/he fear?

5.” He/she is strong of courage, for I, the Lord their God is with them.”

6. He/she will not fear because he/she knows to whom they belong”.