I am me… and I accept and receive that….

I am good, kind and loving.

I am angry ,frustrated and confused.

I am artistic, an empath and I feel emotions.

I am a lover of Nature and despise the abuse of animals.

I am loyal, devoted and true.

I am short tempered, easy to hurt and quick to strike back.

i am a survivor of abuse and I have learned to survive after loss.

I am me. Many things good and equally bad. But I am human so it is as it is.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star….Abuse…..

Twinkle, Twinkle Littele Star

You must have wondered where they are.

The ones who you thought would keep you safe and sound

Left when you needed them, nowhere around.

But I am here and for you I will stand

I will not be pushed nor bow to their command.

When you just see darkness, I’ll be your light

I will defend you against their black night.

Hold on and be strong my sweet little star

The wolves may be calling but I am not far.

I will keep fighting as much as I can

To keep you protected from their violent hand.

So Twinkle on you little star, hang in there and know

Love will defend you until you can go

To a safe haven, away from the wounds and deep hidden scars

To a new life and love, filled with bright stars. COPYRIGHT 2020 L.S. Rockel

The lost innocence of a Child….

So many stories in the news of trafficking children, child abuse, child neglect and it just makes me so sad. The thought of a child so sweet and innocent losing their beautiful trusting smiles, looking for the very people meant to protect them who abuse them but they keep coming back but what else do they know or have? Kids snatched up for perverts to use and abuse. It is such a sad world when so many people long for a child and then others torture and abuse the ones they have because they are not the “perfect” child.

Doctors throwing drugs into them on the reasonings of illness but really it is about the money. That is one of the things that make me the maddest. I pray each night for these innocent, beautiful children who are being abused and used in our cruel society. I would save every one if I could but Social services is overwhelmed and sends them back, some just don’t care. The very people who should intervene turn a blind eye. So, my prayer today is for all of the children who are lost in a chaotic World where they slip through the cracks. Innocence stolen, innocence taken away.

Used my daughter’s photo. But no, she was NEVER abused.

Abuse & Letting GO

I went through this many years ago and I so I wrote this poem before I got out and took years to recover.


I feel as though I am trapped in a fortress

Trapped by your rage, unable to escape.

The walls that surround me are your hatred

And the thorns at the top are each time your bitter words have pierced my heart.

No flowers grow here grow here, only weeds of destruction.

Waiting to choke the last of my strength.

Inside of me, where happiness strives to live,

Your vines of anger entangle my heart,

Trying to destroy any joy or contentment.

I hope to break free of this prison,

And smile once again.

I want to wake each day without your dark shadow hanging over me.

And to laugh again without feeling  the punishment of your revenge.

I know one day I will become whole again.

When I do, I will become a blossoming and beautiful rose

And you will still be a choking weed, hiding  until you find more sunlight to destroy.

L.S. Rockel