Outside beauty does not show the beauty within… But so many just see what is outside………

I notice on some of my social media that when I post pics with my make-up on and my hair all fixed, I get tons of compliments. When I am tagged in a pic ( because I sure don’t post them) when I am feeling out of sorts (aka depression, no make up, hair is a riot) I do not often get many if any responses. I wish we could all see the beauty inside of a person and not just the outside. So of the most beautiful people have it in their heart not on their face,

The Raining Heart……..

Hearts are raining everyday

Tears of joy, tears of pain.

We do not see it and often do not even know it.

They are filled with emotion

Joy, sorrow, empathy, love, hate, pain.

our hearts are the river to our souls

we can choose how we empty that overflow.

I am trying to let my raining heart fill the World

with love, empathy, joy and happiness

and dry out the anger, sorrow, pain and hate.

we all need raining hearts to help this World..

Dance of the Snowflake…..

Your icy touch upon our skin

Brilliant white the night begin.

Frosted echoes, icicle swords

Cold and still, echoed chords.

You dance around

So light and pure

On the ground

To stay , not sure.

So dance sweetflake, dance your dreamy flight.

For all to see in great delight.

L.s. Rockel. Copyright 2020

A Beautiful Day……

It is a day when you see smiling faces and couples and flowers and candies along with new announcements of Weddings to come and on and on. But to me, it is a beautiful Day to feel love and how it surrounds and envelops people. A day to give and receive love to anyone you want. It doesn’t have to be just a spouse or lover. More people do it now to others besides just a spouse or lover. I love the thought it should be given to anyone you consider your Valentine, even your fur baby if you choose. It might even be your pet fish or lizard. No matter whom or what show and get some heart love. 🙂