Okay, it has been good and it has been some bad. I am using all of my methods as you have read before but I am also teaching the brain God gave me that I am in c0ontrol of it. There ARE days I feel the ship is sinking but then I pull that anchor up with my bare hands and say, NO! Stop that! because WE can beat this. Do NOT allow the fear to overcome you. It truly IS all in our mind.

When we take the focus off of the negative, we begin to plant that seed and watch it grow stronger each day. Do whatever it takes when your mind starts to fixate whether it is a book, or a picture to color, yes, I said that, or drawing or whatever. Pick it up and do it. I always use my white door now vs. black door (earlier post) and I also stop it IF and WHEN I can before it starts.

IF I feel it coming, I do my methods but I don’t fight it as much anymore. I face by saying I know it is there but I control it. It does NOT matter if we are fully healed but we can be and let go of this fear. It is not something we need in our lives. Face  your negative with a positive. Make your negative into a POSITIVE!

Stay AWAY from people who insult you, hassle you about what you believe or people who in a “sweet” way, say things that they KNOW will upset you. Those things we do NOT need. So for today, let us focus on our POSITIVE. Tell yourself and MEAN it that you are good, that you can and will do this, that you are a GREAT person! 🙂 HOOYAH!!!



Okay guys, it is time to kick into gear or Phase II.  That is challenging our mind to over come the anxiety, panic and fear that our own minds have created. We have to replace our negative with positive thoughts but we also have to take positive action. I read a bit of a book and you can get the free four minute videos of David Rutherford’s navy seal training for positive outlook. It is teaching us to take action.

One thing is to wake up knowing it might be a tough day but we are tough and we can beat it. We are in battle. Ours is in the mind. So we have to face that head on. Mine started as soon as I got up. Cats crying to be fed (yes all of my animals are very well fed but the cats , the alien ones demand food on site). So I fed them all and then took care of the dogs. I accidentally hit my head on the door trying to get the cat out of the garage. How? I have no clue but it happened.

Then I hear work is a bad day from hub. So, as his swim partner, I tried to enforce positive to thoughts to me and him. Then I turned on the T.V. and  the internet is out so I had to reset everything but that is how I started my battle this a.m. So I took a positive battle and decided that those were things than usually can be fixed. I am making myself do 10 push ups or whatever your body will allow even if it is a five minute walk to combat every time I whine.

Now, since I am just telling my day here, I won’t call all of the above whining BUT I will have to do ten push ups because I mentioned a whine to the hub. I am really hoping this enables me to fight this panic. We will see. I am only on day one. I will, L.W. share as I go. Let’s get our combat gear on and start fighting. NOTE: Don’t fight the panic or anxiety or depression, just tell it you know it is there BUT you are in control. If needed, hold that ice pack, take the breaths you need that work for you but above all, fight the NEGATIVE. So good day and let’s pray we can win this war.

Deleting the facebook, deleting the stress

This morning I took a big step to get away from negativity and deleted my face book. I kept trying to start a new one or to just make them positive but I realized that it just does not work for me. Everyday seems to bring new downer post, people get offended, I cannot seem to keep it positive so off it went. Yes, I will miss it in some ways but in others, it is just a relief. I have Pinterest, The Art Tree, I have twitter and I have other things to focus on.

So, that being said, I hope this helps even more. I am waiting to see what new challenges I can find and how I can redirect myself in other ways. I was not a 24/7 face book fan anyway. Okay peeps, have a great day! 🙂


The last few days have gone pretty good considering. Today, we shall see. I have been able to manage he attacks at time by facing the fear and letting it know I know it is there, and I am controlling it. I still listen to my music at night and I have started using my ylang ylang with a dash of coconut oil on my feet to help slow my heart from the pressure of the day. Maybe it is a combo of all the things as well as prayer and meditation but it is working almost all of the time. I am still exercising 10 minutes a day, twice  a day sometimes. I am eating oatmeal in the a.m., trying to get some good rest and so taking it from there.

I had a hard start this A.M. as I seemed to get hit from everywhere but I stopped some of the things making me more nervous such as facebook. So as of 10:58 a.m. July 1st, we will see how it goes. 🙂

My alien animals are just weird.

My journey with these strange creatures I love and yet do not understand are funny and at times just a bit overwhelming. I have Hercules and Cujo, the cats who seem determined to knock down ANY object they find that I want kept in a certain place. Of course, there is Nitro, the shep, and he loves to get active and tear my arms up when excited though he does not mean to but he is that big.

Of course, they ARE animals and even if my cats were mated somehow with a Bobcat, maybe they will be attack cats. They sure attack me when in the mood but love kids. I mean any kid can lug them around, pick them up and carry them anywhere. I pet them and they turn and attack. lol.

No wonder I have to listen to calming music and do meditation. hahahaha. Well, I am sure there are other alien animals out there as well as mine so I find comfort in the thought that I am not alone. 🙂 Just another journey with my AA’s as I now call them.

They are currently jumping from the floor to a six foot high space above my counter. Gotta love it.