Back to Four Seasons in one week……

Gotta love it! 70 degrees one day, 30 the next, then raining so much thought I might have to build an Ark. Then another 70 degree weather day. Raining almost every day except the 70 degree days. Then freezing temperatures again. In seven days we have had Winter, Spring, Fall temps and the rain I included as Summer. lol .

Spring for the day in Ga….. hahahahaha

Well after down pours that could make you think you need to build an ark, it is still drizzly outside but warm. Very warm like a nice Spring day. Two days ago we were in Parkas with the freezing cold. Today we are wearing short sleeves and no jackets. Ahhhh, Life in the South where the forecast can never be predicted. Or in Ga. where I live anyway. 🙂 Have a great one!

Three Seasons…One Week… Georgia

Well actually two I guess. Fall and Spring are about the same. So in one week, wee have had 70 plus degree weather, snow and freezing temperatures, A flood with water so deep in places fish could have swam there and it would have been a good fishing spot. Then we have freezing temperatures and snow in some places. And of course we had one or two days in the 70’s. All in a week. Gotta love it. Oh well. Just a share of life in Ga. Have a great one!

Another season in Ga…..Winter Spring Summer no Fall…..

Okay. so for two days it was below freezing and we all bundled in our Parkas and gloves and warmest cloth. Today it is almost 60 so we can put on a long sleeved shirt and whatever. last week it was 70 and I felt like tanning. Maybe tomorrow it will snow. Weather in Ga. is like gambling. The odds of things being in our favor as for weather being normal are just like picking a name from a hat in a contest. hahahahahaha

It is HOT in Ga. today! We have two seasons. hot and cold.

Whew! Want to have your heart rate soar and sweat pour all over you and just feel like you cannot catch a breath? Come visit us here in mud Ga. and it is a guarantee! OMGOSH! heat index today is 105 to 110 degrees. If I didn’t have anxiety I would now. Geez. We have 10 months of Summer here, two months of winter, depending on the year. Rarely without the benefit of snow but there is a southern touch that makes us all stay here I guess. lol. Occasionally we do get two days of Spring and maybe, just maybe, a week of Fall. OUCH! So that is my day in Georgia. hahaha.

My Dog Buddy 2……………….

I have written about my little pal Buddy before. 14 this year and he is a mix between Pom/Pap. I love him and I think he is probably the best dog as far as kindness I have ever had. he does not bite, attack or even bother anyone. Just pet, love and treats. However, as he gets older he developed a skin allergy. So, after trying everything that friends and Vets suggested someone told me to use a Listerine mix.
So, I figured it couldn’t hurt. You mix equal parts of yellow Listerine and water, like a cup of each and two teaspoons of oil. For me, I used liquid coconut oil. Well, I have been trying it for a few days and wanted to share that I am already seeing results! So, for any of you who have dogs with skin allergies, it may just work! I sure hope so. So far, so good!

OMGOSH…. Internet went down due to storms.. Took forever!

So the storms kept coming here in Ga. and omgosh, it was an internet nightmare especially since I still use the good old desktop. It was off then on and off then on and finally today after hours of being off it is on again so typing fast while I can!
So, hopefully, it will stay up now so I can get back to writing and checking out all of your post as I go. I check as many as I can then more the next day. Lol. 🙂