JUST my opinion…. Change comes when we UNITE, not when we destroy…….

I am really trying. I am. To stay away from all of this and not write about it but I have read and tried to skip over and you cannot escape. It is everywhere. So, as I said, IN my opinion, We have to UNITE as a nation and make our changes and we can do that. There is oppression in every race, status, school, job and so on. Whether it is a black life, white life whatever, We NEED to UNITE together! I do not disagree we need some changes at all. But I think that this all getting to a point where the whole focus has been lost. Riots, looting, innocent BLACK and WHITE people being killed. Small businesses destroyed that are owned by many different races. Terror for the homeless. Innocent cops who were trying to help. Just all of it has turned into a crap fest. IF we UNITED TOGETHER and came together as a Country, I DO believe changes could and would gladly be made in JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for ALL of us. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers!