New “Doll” Robots? Scary!

This page came up when I was checking out memes about these “New dolls” that are robots. It turns out these robot dolls are actually sex dolls they have made for men and are now making for women. It is scary because even though, yes, you can tell they are not real humans, from a glance far off it would def look like a human.
Even scarier, is that we would want to replace human relationships with robotic ones. It even say’s they are cold to the touch so they do provide them with a heated system so yikes, like doing a relationship with a non human who is cold like a dead one. I just rally freaked out. I mean, we need to get back to humanity. They talk, they move, and can you imaging having someone over and saying, “This is my girlfriend/boyfriend” robot? MAYBE it is just me but I do find that scary. Not to mention weird.