Spread the Love today…. America United as ONE……

With all the depressing news and everything going on maybe we could all find someone to spread some love to. I am sure going to try even if it is from home. I am enjoying the beauty of the day and trying to check on those who are worse off than me whether mentally or whatever. I hope we joins AS ONE in this Country. No need for color, or gender or anything to stop us from showing we can unite as a Country and get through this all with a LOT of love going around. Give some love, share some food, call someone lonely or depressed, if you can help a parent in distress or just whatever! Hugs everyone!


We are in a Revolution America and racism and dividing us according to our races is pulling us apart. We need to unit as Americans. Why hate me because I am black, white, asian, latino, or any other race? We NEED to unite!

When it all comes down to the bottom line, we can work as a unit to help this Country and we can overcome anything thrown at us. But if we allow the media to continue to turn us against each other then we are in trouble.

We are all one nation, under God. We are allowing the media and our own personal feelings to cause us to turn on each other. The excuses of bad officers as an excuse for turning on each other is no excuse. There are good and bad people no matter what their profession or race. So let’s stop doing this and come together as a Country. United we WILL stand but DIVIDED we will fall.