The parakeets never had any more babies….. Follow up….

Well the parakeets, as some of you kept up with, have never had any more babies after the two they hatched. They have had many eggs but none have hatched. The time they did hatch, it was in the room in my loft and I had put a heater in there to keep it warmer. It may have been a default but I noticed the heater seemed to have issues shutting off and sometimes it would reach 80 degrees but the birds seem to love it. However, it usually stuck around 70 or less up there. I had to unplug the heater fearing it might over heat and kill them. Anyway, that MAY have been what made them hatch with the warmer conditions. So, I thought I would pass that along. Have a great one! 🙂

Fairies & Yoga & Anxiety, Oh MY!

I am working on more fairy pictures to relieve some anxiety because my Yoga morning went awry. I started out doing it but I got a cramp in my foot so no downward dog today. But then downward and I do not get along so that was not a problem. But then I could do most of the other poses so I went back to sitting in my yoga pose for relaxing. And sooooo, I went to get up and tripped over my mat. So hello anxiety and my fairies are trying to elude me as I make them. Ouch. One of those days but still thinking positive thoughts as I check on the parakeets. Oh one has escaped the cage. I caught it but on the positive side, it is pretty while it flies. Hahahahahahaha.

My dogs are big babies, my cats are destroyers and my parakeets keep having babies. I have my own farm with domesticated animals……

My older pup, Buddy, is my constant indoor companion. My two outside shepherds, too big to live inside but well equipped with outdoor housing and shade and an abundance of toys are big babies. They love mommy and daddy and we can play for tow or more hours a day and walk them and they still want more attention even though they have almost an acre of free roaming space and each other. My cats are like mini monsters. They love to break, destroy, tear apart and well, actually just turn anything that is within reach into a shred of nothing. And then there are my sweet parakeets. They had two babies to my total shock and surprise that grew and came out of the nesting box. Well, now two weeks later mama bird is back in box so I assume more babies are coming. If nothing else, my animals fill me with love and daily surprises! have a great day fellow bloggers!

The baby keets are doing great and growing!

For those who are following the Parakeet baby journey, they are growing fast and thriving! We named them Tiki and Charlie although I have no idea if they are boys or girls! I do not know if 5 parakeets in one cage are too much but they seem happy and it is a very large cage. I tried putting the yellow parakeet in a cage because they were picking on it but I found it the next morn on top of its old home so I put it back with the others. Just an update! Look like mom and identical to each other! Thanks for following their journey!

Art day……. Just sharing some of my crazy art.

Today I just thought I would share some of my Art. I cannot really think of anything of importance to write about. The baby keets for those who are following are doing great and growing. The cat still does nothing when I go to take photos and I am still working on the Yoga and anxiety. 🙂 Have a great day fellow bloggers