Empath Life in a chaotic time….

This is hard. Trying to not overthink, trying to avoid the toxic feelings and the pushing of others to come when you cannot. It is hard to hear the aggression of those angry because you feel it so strong. Drained mentally while trying to maintain a healthy mental strength. Looking to seek out those who want to be giving and caring in these times. I am struggling but still doing my best to keep my own mental health from breaking while trying to help others who are in panic. With anxiety myself that can be hard. But I am trying. Yoga, prayer, meditation and just trying to do the best I can. Hugs to my fellow writers and bloggers.

Anxiety, CoronaV & Prayer & Yoga……

I am trying to be calm and smile at silly funny things and be positive amid all of the things going on. I am trying to find ways to bring Joy and still face reality. But so far, no Corona as far as I know at least. I go to my bathroom and do Yoga, I pray, and I am trying to calm my very active Anxiety. God be with us all and I am thankful for everything to help in these trying times and scary times. The upside? We are clearing our air a bit. Go out and breathe some in and get a shot of Sun if you can. Our Country is trying to unite for the most part. Small but beautiful blessings.

Life during Coronavirus… Trying to help with some light through the dark storm….

I am trying, as we all are to keep up to date on things but I need some joy in there to keep my Panic from over taking me. So, just a moment to say hi to my fellow bloggers and writers! I hope there is something today that will bring you some joy. Maybe some Spring flowers popping up here or there, a cool breeze, the smiles from your kids or significant other. A small session of Yoga. A prayer that uplifts you. A phone call from family in another state. Taking precautions but finding old hobbies we have had no time for. Anything beats nothing. Hugs to all of you!

The Anxiety of Doubt….. The Yoga and prayer and meditation that help me…

Doubt causes me so much anxiety. Because of that I try to keep doubts, fears and panic at bay. I am thankful and blessed I have Prayer, Yoga and Meditation to help keep me grounded. It works many times but there are times when I can do them all and still have to fight. But at least I can fight it and for that I am grateful. So, to my fellow endurers, do our best, try our hardest and get a smile in there with every success!

Our beautiful, crazy, zany lives!……..Thank you for giving us love, prayer, yoga, meditation and friends and family. …

Life is so beautiful so crazy and just so full of different turns everywhere we go! One day Anxiety, one day laughing, one day crying and one day pondering why things happen the way they do. But at least we can journey through it. We can walk through life, avoid things in life, calmly stand the storm or we can just cower at the overwhelming days we face. Sometimes I do it all. But I keep trying and I keep doing it because life may be crazy but it is beautiful and filled with so many things we count as blessings! Have a great day/night fellow writers & bloggers.

Why has the Anxiety been so bad after I had been doing so good…….

I do not get this disorder. I have done so good for so long and here lately it has been like a bad dream. I feel so strange and everything is making me nervous. I feel like I used to where every single issue was something that brought on Anxiety or Panic. It is very disturbing and it is also very annoying. So, just wanted to let my fellow anxiety sufferers know, that I am having a set back but I guess maybe we all do. God speed to us all.

Just get through this day…. Just try and keep it together… Loss of a child…

Sometimes it hits hard, sometimes this day comes up and I get through it with celebrating your life but not this year. Damn it has hit hard. I just keep telling myself to just get through the day. I keep praying for it to ease up on this depression and anxiety. I keep trying to focus on anything to make it easier. But above all, I just keep trying to get through this day. Not think about the car crash that took you and your three friends. The fire of when the car blew up. I am so glad you had already passed before that happened. That would have been the worst if it could get any worse. I love you. Always. Love, Mom.