Lucifer is back… making his neighborhood rounds…..

Yep. Good old Lucifer, the tiny terror that plagues our neighborhood. They went on vacation so we all had a reprieve but hi there. He is home now. Again patrolling on his leash and waiting to bite our ankles or pull us down maybe like a zombie waiting for the kill. lol. This dog has no words for how mean he is. Yesterday he was chasing after the poor cat he happened to see sitting on a porch while his master/mommy was trying to reign him in. For such a small dog he sure is strong and often breaks off his leash. I wonder how much she spends on those in a year. So, haha, welcome home Lucifer (my name for him, not hers). We all look forward to more terror as you stalk us. With love (and fear and shaking hearts) we are in awe (not) that you made it back safely. In reality we hoped maybe she had found you a new home. hahaha

My Yoga, Anxiety & how life being an Empath finds it useful.

Living with Panic and Anxiety and being an Empath/ Discerner is no easy task let me tell you. So, I do use Yoga as a way of releasing it. Yes, I stay on beginner level at times because my energy has been zapped so I do that and it slowly works me back up by easing the anxiety, emotional vampirism and panic. BUT, it is very hard at times. I also use my Tai-Chi to level me out as well as prayer. I find all forms help me to find a balance in the crazy world of my mind. I am blessed but I am constantly on guard. So, for those who may suffer these trials as well as me, try this as a means of escape. It really does work! Have a great day/night wherever you are1

Today was a lot of Anxiety, a little panic and tons of talking myself out of it…..

Today was a day I have not had in a while. I felt weird like I was sick or something was wrong and I know some was anxiety, some was maybe I am getting sick and some was a bit of panic over deciding if it was illness or anxiety. I HATE that feeling! I had a bad headache but Advil took care of that and I went to town and just wanted to get out of the store and go home. It was very depressing because I have not felt that way in a while. Maybe it is hitting because of my daughter’s death that came in Feb. of that year, 33 days after her January Birthday and I was looking at Christmas stuff and she loved Christmas. All I do know is I hope it just the anxiety and nothing really wrong and that is what makes this condition so hard. because you don’t know. you just hope. I hope all of you had a better day.

Today. I did not do Yoga…. Anxiety hasn’t caught on yet. :)

Why? I just didn’t. I should have, I could have and I still can but I don’t know if I will. I am mad at Yoga today. Downward dog hurt my leg yesterday and we know I hate downward dog. Who named it that anyway? I t should be more like torture you dog. hahahahahahaha. Either way, Yoga and I are not speaking today so it does not get my attention. What WILL get my attention is when my anxiety realizes it is not going to get the daily dose of Yoga. Then some things will be freaking in my brain but I am mad at anxiety too so maybe it is a just punishment. hahahahahaha

And sometimes….. I just do my yoga and sigh…

It is a beautiful day out, a bit nippy and yeah I know I am supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows but I just have days. Yes, those days when your are doing you r yoga, your anxiety is off the roof, you are crying and your nose looks like a running faucet so you clean and do your yoga and Tai Chi and pray and cry and well, I guess I look like a real mess. But it is okay for me to have those days and maybe you do as well. Either way, I am still trying and I am still doing. And I finished and finally calmed down and was proud of my workout. And then. I ate a cookie. Yea, I did. Have a wonderful day to my fellow bloggers and friends!

An exhausting week of emotions. YOGA! I need you again!

lions and tigers and bears and fairies and anxiety and stress oh my! Yes, it has been one of those emotional roller coaster days. actually the whole last week. Trying to throw off others emotional pain while trying to help them but not absorb the whole thing into me. I am having to recharge today. I feel like a battery. lol. Soooo, Back to yoga which I missed all week being able to do because of all going on. Sooooo, there comes the anxiety but hey I am hanging in there. What about all of you? Maybe we can all do like 6 sessions an hour, recharge our emotional selves and thrive. anyway, just wanted to share some of my week. This is from last week until today. I hope you all did great though!

My Yoga, anxiety, Tai Chi, crazy life……

My life is a crazy upside down funny, scary life. I have anxiety as most of you know by now, lol. So I try to balance life, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, prayer, anything I can to just keep a balance and I do but I also have learned that even with all of these, you HAVE to keep your stress level very low. I had an anxiety attack and I had taken my meds, done my breathing and all of the above but I allowed a highly stressful situation to get to me. Sooooo, I went out to my car, used my ice against my chest and did my breathing. Today away from the stress there I am doing better. it may be a crazy life but it is mine and I won it and I keep trying! 🙂 I hope you all have a great day!