Support our struggling artist, writers, artisans, support America and we can make it.

I believe if we support one another in our careers and support our fellow writers, artist in all genres that we can make it. We can help one another to build up bit by bit. I think if we buy American products where all or the majority are made here in America, we can again help. A few examples are blogs on here, face book pages where local artist or craftsman sell their items or music or writing. A few companies that sell products where some if not all are made in America: slinkys, New Balance shoes (not all but they are labeled) Merle Norman, Hallmark, Burts Bees, Regalware pans, Igloo, Zippo, Louisville sluggers and so many more.
So, there are some places to buy but also we need to check around and try and help those struggling to get their local business or shop or work or photography and there also, the list goes on. Just look around and see if you can find those who are trying to make a living here in America and buy from them! There are so many things and areas to choose from. Lets support each other and bring hope to the ones who struggle to make and sell hard earned things that they take time to make! Lets make America self-sufficient by buying here and help our small owners to get to the top!