I rarely vent on news issues… But this Michael Vick thing has me furious…..

I am so tired of seeing monsters and people who do horrible things get away with it because of their money or in this case, The NFL’S desire to make billions at any cost. Bringing Michael Vick back after what he did was disgusting enough. But this Roger (I do not watch much football) whomever he is that brought him back) and now wants him honored is just as bad. People that have posted “Forgive” Good people make bad choices do not understand the mind of a monster.
This man did not just make bad choices like running a stop sign or beating up someone in anger. He KNEW what he was doing and he enjoyed it and didn’t care. Have these people seen the pictures of the tortured, strangled, beaten dead dogs? Did we all forget the photos of what torture these animals went through? Plus, look up dog fights. They use other innocent animals as bait. They say many people do it to make money because people love to see it . well they are monsters too. But Michael Vick? He didn’t NEED the money. He did it for pure pleasure. So, THAT to me is a man who KNEW exactly what he was doing and he enjoying torturing, killing, beating and savagely destroying these animals. That is me and that is what I think. I am not sorry if I offended people and I not sorry I spoke out! Sorry for the graphic pic but people should see and this was a very mild picture if that tells you anything!