And now…. the Mummy Sandstorm…. 2020..

Lol. When I first read about this I honestly thought it was a joke. Nope. Just another day in 2020. And here it is! Wow. I am expecting any day for baby dinosaurs to start hatching in the Forest. hahaahaha. Or maybe Vampires to finally come out of hiding and let us know it is “their” time to shine. Well, feed. Whatever. I am starting to not be shocked by much at this point. I mean, it just keeps coming. So, I figured I might get a laugh from some of it. Oh wow. just so crazy. So I have dreamed up some things. Baby alien creature snails that attack. Turtle that might be able to convert their shells into ammo holders to shoot at us. Maybe throw in a few Zombies coming by to sell Girl scout cookies. I mean this has been one crazy year so far. Oh and above is proof Mermaids do exist. hahahah. Have a great day/night fellow bloggers wherever you are!

Yoga is my friend and foe…hahaha

I love you Yoga! I love that you help me to feel calmer and more relaxed AND you tone this body right up! I love everything about you except downward dog. Downward dog hates me, hahahaha and is trying to hurt me. (Not really) that is the worst one for me but it helps so much. Why downward dog must you treat me so badly and yet help me so much? I think you might need some anger management. It is torture. (again kidding. It is hard but it is worth it) Just a funny blog about my friend and foe, sweet Yoga! Have a great day fellow bloggers!

Fairies & Mermaids &drawing,,, Oh my!

Still having fun drawing and painting and writing and yes, making fairies & mermaids. I am trying to stay focused as I try and stem the flow of anxiety issues. I have also YES started back with yoga and Tai-Chi. So, I am trying to be productive as I go along. I just want to share with fellow bloggers who share their journey with me!