My crazy, chaotic beautiful life…..

I have to say life is not boring around here. Between Anxiety, trying to stay relaxed and in shape, dealing with the Covid and just life in general, it does not get boring. I may get bored from trying to figure out what to do during my lockdown, I still have a crazy array of things going on. It is funny, scary, hurtful and so many things but I try my best to get through it all. 🙂 I mean, we have Lucifer the neighbor’s dog who at 3 or 4 pounds is the neighbor terror. Everything on this Earthly planet runs from that tiny mutton of meanness. People dump their cats at my house and one cat, female of course, has had five litters now. Ouch. Spats with others, feeling like I will never do good enough but only because I lost the self-power I had when I got anxiety. This post should sum up the Chaotic, crazy Beautiful life I have. Have a great night/day fellow bloggers & writers.

Well the house is spotless, the garden has been planted, the cars have been washed and etc. etc. and I now starting on all of the neighbors….. And Lucifer aka TLT is still chasing me but I have lost enough weight I can out run him! Take that tiny little terror! hahahahahaha……..

There is probably nothing is my house that has not been cleaned, Clorox wiped, (except me) re-arranged, decluttered, planted, washed or otherwise been done. So now I think I will go to my neighbors and offer to do any outside weeding, cleaning you know, whatever. But I can’t really because they have been as busy as me. On the up of the uppest side, with Yoga, work, exercise, Prayer, meditation, Yai Chi, watching what I eat I can NOW outrung the neighborhood Chihuahua, Lucifer. You knw, the one who terrorizes us and chases anything that moves including tiny pebbles blown by the wind. Even the leaves try to fall away from his direction. NOW though I can outrun the little 3 to 4 pound beast when he breaks off of his leash as he often does. Things may not be normal right now but I am having a good time with that little dog. He is quite ill with me right now actually. hahahahahaha. Hugs to all!

I have re-named Lucifer, aka the tiny neighbor dog, TLT, for now. Tiny Little Terror……..

Well, I have decided maybe Lucifer is a bit strong for the neighborhood terror, the Chihuahua. So, TLT it is. Now that the weather is good, I may get to see him a bit more so he can bring some needed terror to keep things normal around here. Because you can always count on him to terrorize your day if you encounter him. You know, try to eat your ankles into shreds or terrorize people walking or other dogs, or humans, or flowers. Yes, he tore into the flowers by my mailbox as they tried to attack where they silently sat. But I guess TLT, aka, Lucifer, haha decided they were a real threat. Kudos to the owner when I found replacement flowers on my porch the next morning. And then, this afternoon he was attacking the grass around him as he walked with his master. I assume he thought it was giving him looks of threat. Yep. If I need some normal in the chaotic world, I can always depend on TLT (Lucifer) all what? 3 or 4 pounds of pure terror. haahaha. Hugs to you all! 🙂

Lucifer (the dog) loves this weather. Because he can sneak around to frighten us…Not the real Lucifer, no one would be stupid enough to get that close for a picture….lol

Yes, we as a subdivision, live in fear of the Chihuahua you have heard me talk about before. Beloved Lucifer. (Just kidding. I cannot stand him and I LOVE animals, just not this one). He catches us off guard with his tiny self. Like, when it was raining so I walked without fear and my umbrella to check my mail. I mean, no one would come out in this weather with their dog plus most dogs hate the cold biting rain. I think anyway. Well. well. NOT Lucifer. I turn around and hear the dreaded snarling. I look and yes, there he is. Maybe furious his owner brought him out in her galoshes, raincoat and gear. Or maybe furious that he had to wear a dog raincoat. Either way he starts for me and breaks the leash from her hands. I am starting to think this may not be so accidental. Yes she is tiny but he is like 4 pounds. Come on. 4 pounds of Hell and fury but regardless. Soooo, here comes Lucifer and there I go. Running. To escape those tiny deadly fangs. I almost slip and he is gaining on me. BUT, Thank God, I make it to my door where his owner has not gotten to him and has control. Bless her heart. I cannot stand him but I guess I get a good lot of exercise with him around. soooo. lol. Life around Lucifer.