It always rains for the Christmas party…. Are those happy tears from Heaven, I miss you tears or just rain?

Every year at the Annual Christmas party it rains. Well, it actually pours. My mind knows it is just rain but my heart sometimes wonders if you and lost ones are crying tears from Heaven of joy or sadness that you are not here with us? I like to think they are tears of joy from being with us in heart because we keep your pictures with us on the shelves to share in the joy in spirit if nothing else. Either way, just know you ARE here in our hearts and we love you so much!

No, I have not forgotten you….I love you . Always.

In my post I used to write more often about the daughter I lost and sometimes I still do but especially at this time of year, I have to hold on to my sanity. But No, Nikki, I have not forgotten you. I never would. You were, as well as your baby brother Ryan I lost so much of my heart. So is your sister who is still and I thank God for that because if she had not been, I think I would have truly lost my mind that day. I miss your smile, your humor, your laughter and I wish you were still here with us. I still cry when I write about you and I still cry when I hear your songs that you loved.
I laugh sometimes now at your funny memories but I cannot ever forget the loss of when you left us. It still hurts so bad and you were truly so good. You had moments like everyone but I swear sometimes, I DO believe you were an Earthly angel
Your ability to keep my grounded with my hot temper, your way of never seeing bad in anyone, your love for making others laugh and your genuine love of life. You just LOVED life. Everything was beautiful to you. I mean even the things I so often over look. A strange type of rock, the shape of a tree, people, just everything. No. I have not forgotten you my sweet love. A mother never forgets the child/children she has loved and lost.

A poem for my Daughter Nikki…I wish I had known…. In Memory 2-17-2007

I thought of you as I walked on the beach
Listening to the sounds you loved so much.
waves, as they rush onto the sand and soothe my soul.
I thought of you as the Holidays approached and how much you loved them.
Halloween where you loved those goofy movies. Christmas where we always drove around to see Christmas lights and you loved to stop at that store and get hot Cocoa.
I thought of the day you left me, three days after Valentines.
I never celebrate that day now. I can’t.
I went to your room and I sat on your bed.
I waited to see if maybe you would walk in
but I knew that was a fantasy that would never come true.
I went to the place where we placed you to rest
But to me it is empty and useless.
If I thought you would be here or I could feel you somehow
maybe I would come more often. But you aren’t and you will never be.
I look at your photo and I wish I could change that day and turn back the events so they never happened.
But I can’t.
Time does NOT heal all wounds. It only heals the ability to deal with it.
Love does not die. My love will always be there for you, secured in my heart.
I wish I had known so many things when you were here.
I wish I had known we have to cherish every day and every moment.
But I didn’t know.
I never realized or knew so many things that I know now but I only realized all of it.
When you were gone. I love you. always. Love, Mom. Copyright 2010 L.S.R.

No. I have not forgotten you my sweet Sara. The pain is as real as if it were yesterday but I am just learning the ways to get through…….

I still miss your laugh, your smile, your way of making other people laugh and how much you enjoyed life. I wish you could be here to see your little niece grow up. I think you two would have been best buddies. I think you and your sister would be talking a lot. I think of you everyday and I look at your picture and wonder if you were still here, what would you be doing? Would you find the world too cruel or would you still find the lining behind every cloud? I don’t know. But I do know, I will never forget you nor could I . You brought a special light into my life and the little light burned away when you left leaving a part of my empty and alone. I love. you. Nikki. I. always. will. Love,
Mom. Sarah Nicolle Day you left me: Feb. 17th, 2007

I keep your picture here so I can see you everyday…. Some flashbacks…….

I keep her picture on my desk. I look at her at times so I can see her face and rekindle memories. Some are good, some hurt, some make me cry and some make me laugh. But I love to see that smile and although it hurts that she is gone, her memory lives on in my heart. I remember everything about her even can smell at times the perfume she decided she liked at 13. She never changed. She added one more and sometimes the cherry blossom smell seems to drift out or the vanilla. I love my sweet girl. Always!

Why is it still so damn hard? …..

It has been 12 years today since you left us. I thought this year was going to be easier that before years because I had not been crying as much but I woke in tears this morning. Just that quick. But it is what it is. I guess my philosophy on it is that it is the life of a parent who has lost a child or children and I have lost two. But it is just weird how some years I got through with laughter, most with tears but still I would thing ok all the blessings I DO have and that she never suffered and that she is probably happier now. But like one guy said the other day, “When people say God needed another angel, that is great until yours is taken.” Just a tough day I guess. Love to all of us who have lost our children.