The innocence of children and kittens…

when kids are young and still in the throes of innocence, they do not know to define color or status and they play and love each other. Before they are taught differently, they do not do anything but accept. They just know love until life or situations change them. I have noticed recently the same with kittens. Although the situation is different as when cats get older it is just normal to get territorial, as kittens they are accepting. I recently had two mom cats dumped off. They had their kittens on different sides of the house and for the first eight weeks, they never even saw each other. Then, the last  couple of days, they have found each other. They do not understand yet that they are different. They play together, they do shoo the others off. I just found that fascinating. And beautiful.

The Tiny Hunter….. Kittens are such a joy!….

I watch this little one as she stalks and pounces on bugs, or at least at them. It is so funny because she thinks I cannot see her. She is a little hunter. Then when I feel a bit down, I will go out in the evenings and just watch her. She pounces around, runs at full speed after something and then just stops. She enters into a little fenced area I have, looking around to see if anything sees her and then goes in to stalk the cricket that I guess she heard. The Cricket got away. Well everything she stalks gets away. Kittens are such a joy and bring a smile to me in days that can be depressing. I look forward to watching my tiny little Hunter.